Earth Hour Singapore 2011

Earth Hour Singapore

“Going green is not about taking a leap of faith into the unknown. Rather, it’s about taking baby steps to make changes to our current lifestyle. Like a jigsaw puzzle, every little piece contributes to a bigger picture.” –

Earth Hour 2011 is taking place on the 26th March next saturday. The recent disaster in Japan has shown how fragile life is. This is surely a timely warning that Earth is not well, and we should do whatever we can to conserve energy. Simple things like reducing food wastage, switching off electrical appliances when not using, changes plates only when necessary can potentially make a big difference.

You don’t have to be an environmentalist to know that our actions have an impact on Earth. The beauty blogger has come up with some tips on how to conserve energy, it is really not that difficult to do our part for the environment.


How To Reduce Food Wastage in Singapore

Food Wastage in Singapore

“We should always use our influence to make positives changes to this world.”

Miss Earth Singapore is the one who taught me this, and like what I’ve mentioned before — it’s easy to be influenced by her passion to make changes and help the environment. Today, I’m not going to talk about the good food in Singapore. Instead, I will like to bring your attention to something more serious: Food Wastage in Singapore.

I’m not about to write a thesis on food wastage and starvation in the world. I’m definitely not dumb enough to bore you with the statistics, because chances are, you will just switch off and look at my other food reviews. Please give me a minute of your time to read this post, because everyone can play a part to help the environment.


Are Restaurants in Singapore Changing Plates too often?

Eco Friendly restaurants

When I was having dinner at a Chinese restaurant two weeks back, I was rather disturbed by the staffs who constantly changed my plates even though I told them it’s all right to leave it. It’s fine to change my plates when they are dirty and almost filled, but it is entirely a different matter when the plate is hardly touched and they insist on changing it.

Honestly, I’m not the biggest environmental-conscious person around. But when you hang out with Miss Earth Singapore, it’s really impossible not to be influence by her. Along the way, I started to think about some of our actions that have an impact on the environment.

How often should we change our plates during the course of dinner? And what can we do more to support the Eco friendly restaurants?