How To Donate Unopened CNY Goodies & Necessities To Migrant Workers In Singapore

Donate CNY Goodies Migrant Workers

Do you have a lot of unopened CNY goodies sitting on your table? You can donate them and let someone else enjoy them on your behalf!

It’s Raining Raincoats (IRR), a local non-profit organisation formed to support the needs of migrant workers in Singapore, is calling for donations! You can share your unopened and unexpired CNY goodies with our brothers who toil for our country. These donations will be distributed to the migrant worker community at their dormitories, worksites and construction areas and this initiative by IRR is happening from now until Feb 28.


5 Places You Can Donate Food To In Singapore For A Good Cause

food bankSource: The Food Bank Singapore

The next time you are about to throw away a food product, think twice. Your unwanted tin of biscuits could actually go a long, long way somewhere else.

There are several non-profit organisations in Singapore that will distribute these items to those who need it. It is a win-win situation; you get to reduce food wastage and the unprivileged benefits from your donation.

From nursing home Lions Home For The Elders to charity organisation Willing Hearts, here is our guide to 5 Places Where You Can Donate Food To In Singapore For A Good Cause.