13 Ways To Live Like A Local Because You Are No Mainstream Tourist

Los Angeles

Travelling has evolved a lot since our adolescent days. Visiting touristy attractions were possibly the main agenda back then, but most of us now are no longer satisfied with the mere act of ticking off these iconic sightseeing places.

Instead, an increasing number of travellers are craving for an authentic local experience and immersing themselves in the lives of natives.

Perhaps the need to “escape” is no longer present for we now feel the need to educate ourselves with foreign cultural experiences – which really isn’t a bad thing. From living in a local town, partaking in cooking classes, sampling street food to walking whenever possible, here are 13 ways to live like a local while one is on a vacation.


8 Exotic Vacation Destinations For A Digital Detox Experience

digital detox

When was the last time you actually went on a trip without any electronic gadgets? Chances are, it would probably be more than a decade ago or even never. A day without our mobile phones, laptops and other devices seems unthinkable. Our over-reliance on these electronics are said to have brought upon plenty of detrimental effects such as communication problems.

Going on a digital detox is at times necessary to allow one to reconnect with the present and rid of external noises. Living in a modern society means we are bombarded with too much information at any one point of time – and you will be surprised how being tech-free can tremendously help you to refocus in life. Life-changing in very alternative ways, a digital detox would be.

Here are 8 Exotic Vacation Destinations For A Digital Detox Experience.