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This year has been really good so far, and I am very thankful that I get to visit so many new places. As I will be busy travelling to Sydney and Tokyo in June, I reckoned it’s a good idea to open up my blog for contributors.

If you think you have something that my readers should know about and has not been featured here, this is a good time to share.

Note that it is not restricted to just restaurant reviews. I am open to articles relating to food, wellness, and travel. It should be written in an engaging manner, and good photos are definitely a plus. One more thing, this is open to everyone; you don’t need to have a blog. I am looking for someone who loves food and writing.

Please send your post (around 300-500 words with photos) in a word document format to It would be great if you could include a short paragraph – telling me more about yourself, and writing experience (if any) – in the email.

I will be choosing the best articles to share with everyone. This is your chance if you are keen to be a regular contributor for ladyironchef. Thanks folks, have a good weekend!

Otto Ristorante Red Dot Traffic Building

Otto Ristorante

Words by Jolene Koh of Cupcake Weekend, Photos by ladyironchef

When I say I’m not a huge fan of Italian food it’s not because I don’t like the cuisine per se, but more so the feeling you get after having an overly hearty pasta meal where you’d go “that’s it I’m having Chinese for the next few weeks”.

Thankfully, I think I’ve found the perfect place for when I’m craving Italian without having to go through that unpleasant aftermath in my gut.

Helmed by Chef Michele Pavanello and housed at the corner of the Red Dot Traffic Building sits OTTO Ristorante. This classy, unpretentious establishment serves amazing Italian fare with a new-age influence. It’s a great place to have a business lunch, bond with the family over a good meal or even for a romantic night out.