YQueue: Get Your Meals Faster With 25% Off + Win S$1,000 Scoot Voucher

YQueue Collage

If you hold a 9-6 job, lunchtime is one of the most sacred hours of the day. We wouldn’t want to waste our precious lunch break searching for food, queuing up,waiting for the food to arrive, and to pay; in fact, time is priceless regardless of your work, life, time or day of the week.

Now with the YQueue app, you can simply Order-Pay-Collect [take-away/self-service], or Seat-Order-Pay [dine-in]—and gain those precious moments with good company, or just a much needed ‘me time’.

While it originally served the community in the university campus space, YQueue has since expanded, and now connects the ‘worker bees’ or neighbourhood crowd with their favourite bites.

Sambal Time YQueue

From now until 12 October 2018, YQueue is offering a joint promotion where the highest spending customer wins a pair of Scoot vouchers worth S$1,000 on top of 25% discount off participating merchants! *Limited to the first 250 redemptions per participating merchant, do download the YQueue app now and order from the following curated merchants.

Starting from 13 October 2018, our readers can use our code “YQLIC” to enjoy 25% discount on all merchants in the app. This is limited to the first 200 orders. In the cart, simply use the promo code “YQLIC” before you place your order.


Behind the scenes at Sheraton Towers

Sheraton Learning Jourmey

Traveling is part of our job at Ladyironchef, and our lodging changes from one hotel to another. Many times, we check in to luxurious rooms and suites – big beds with pressed sheets, clean and vacuumed floors, a mini bar full of drinks and snacks… and sometimes, we take for granted all that are put in place nicely for our experience.

Have you ever wondered what goes behind the scenes? How are your rooms cleaned? How does the hotel facilitate the numerous check-ins and check-outs daily? Sometimes, we would stop and talk with housekeeping staff when we bump into them along the corridors, but all that we could learn and understand from such transient conversations are but superficial information.

This month, we had the privilege to attend a tour behind the scenes of Sheraton Towers, and learned in-depth the various backend procedures and systems. And because it was such an educational and enriching tour, we would like to share some insights with you.