5 Long-Haul Flights on Budget Airlines From Singapore – Including Direct Flights To Athens

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Long haul trips from Singapore to Europe used to be an expensive affair and a big portion of our budget usually goes to our flights. Not too long ago, only full-service airlines provide long-haul flights.

But in recent years, budget airlines have also joined in the competition and started offering long-haul flights from Singapore to places such as Australia and Japan. We sussed out the budget airlines that are able to take you from sunny Singapore all the way to Athens.

Here are some destinations you can consider for your next holiday – even if you are on a budget. READ ON

Singapore Airlines Promotion

Singapore Airlines Promo

Travelling is the perfect time for us to discover ourselves. A simple getaway can do wonders for your soul. With prices of airline tickets falling faster than a soufflé, everyone should go for a holiday. Besides cheap flights from budget airlines, there are also occasional promotions from some of the best airlines in the world.

I’ll cut to the chase. While “stalking” airline websites, I saw some special offers from Singapore Airlines (SIA) which include cities in Asia like Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City, and Osaka. I’m really tempted by the flight promotions to Bangkok, Taipei, and Tokyo!!!

Singapore Airlines Promotion 2012
Travel Period: 01 – 29 Feb 2012
Sale Period: Till 8 Jan 2012

Singapore – Bangkok SGD$328 (incl taxes & surcharges)
Singapore – Hong Kong SGD$408 (incl taxes & surcharges)
Singapore – Taipei SGD$558 (incl taxes & surcharges)
Singapore – Tokyo SGD$598 (incl taxes & surcharges)
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Cheap Flights from Singapore to Bali

Cheap Flights Singapore Bali

I think I am addicted to surfing airlines websites. I’d go every day hoping to find airline promotions for the cheapest flights. While randomly surfing online, I came across three extremely good deals for cheap flights from Singapore to Bali.

Air Asia Singapore
SGD$99-209 for round-trip (incl tax)
Booking Period : 14 Nov 2011 – 20 Nov 2011
Travel Period : 1 Apr 2012 – 30 Jun 2012
Click here for more details.

KLM Singapore
SGD$204 for round-trip (incl tax)
Booking Period: Till 30 Nov 2011
Travel Period: Till 31 Mar 2012 (limited dates left)
Click here for more details.

Qatar Airways Singapore
SGD$350 for round-trip (incl tax)
Booking period: 01 Oct 2011 31 Mar 2012
Travel period: 01 Oct 2011 31 Mar 2012
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Note: This is not an advertorial. I did not get any monetary benefits for sharing the links for cheap flights to Bali from Singapore.