HyfeCafe – Singapore’s First Travel-Lifestyle Cafe To Plan Your Next Holiday


There is a new travel-lifestyle concept cafe in Singapore and it is none other than HyfeCafe—which just opened its doors in Tampines 1 this March 2018.

Ever wanted a conducive place to plan your trips with your friends? HyfeCafe it shall be. This cafe by Changi Recommends is a one-stop place for you and your travel buddies to plan your travels, book your attraction tickets and passes, purchase travel insurance and more—all while enjoying casual Asian-fusion fare!

HyfeCafe is Singapore’s first ever travel-lifestyle concept cafe where all your unanswered questions and/or planning woes will be solved. Cafe-hoppers and travel-lovers, this cafe has to be on your list.


Changi Recommends Introduces New Wi-Fi Router Rental Plan For Multi-Destinations In Asia Pacific

Changi Recommends Wifi Rental

We’ve previously shared about our experience with Changi Recommends, and we cannot reiterate enough how glad we are to discover their overseas Wi-Fi router rental service.

Changi Recommends has just introduced the Asia Pacific Wi-Fi plan – a rent service for travellers to get connected in up to three multiple countries in Asia and Australia. Travellers can rent the Wi-Fi routers from Changi Recommends at a flat rate of S$15 a day (daily basis) when you fly to more than 1 destination in a single trip.

Readers of ladyironchef can enjoy a special rate for overseas Wi-Fi router rental to Japan in the month of June at only S$8/day when you make a reservation at www.changirecommends.com using the promo code: CHEF8.


5 Travel Services Offered By Changi Recommends That You Never Knew About

Changi Recommends

As with everyone, we were initially clueless about Changi Recommends when we first heard about them. What do they exactly do, and where are they? What sort of travel services can you expect and benefit from?

But we have since learned more about them, and we wished we knew about their travel services earlier! Better late than never though, and now, we are so thankful for their existence at every terminal of Changi International Airport.


From ensuring that you get data connection throughout your time overseas to lessening your chances of having to pay for overweight baggage to assuring yourself a seat on a flight at the eleventh hour, Changi Recommends is a one-stop booth for all your needed travel solutions.

Here are 5 Travel Services Offered by Changi Recommends That You Never Knew About. Now, every trip you take will never be better.


8 Reasons Why We Cannot Live Without Changi Recommends’ Wi-fi Router Rental

Changi Recommends Wifi

Have you ever felt so lost and disconnected from the world because there is no data connection when you are in a foreign land, and your phone is as good as non-existent? Yes, that feeling of being crippled. Disoriented, to say the least. Complete insecurity.

Everything but enjoying our holiday.

And that is when we realised that no matter how you have to “disconnect to connect”, we still need data connection on the go.

Portable Wi-fi Router

We used to worry about whether we can get wi-fi router/ prepaid data cards when we travel, and that uncertainty killed us several times. But gone are those days because we made a new discovery – Changi Recommends has overseas portable wi-fi router rental services at as low as S$12 nett per day, and there is no charge for the first day of collection! Moreover, Changi Recommends’ has booths located in all three terminals and they are opened 24/7.

Now, we will share with you all about this life-changing discovery, as well as how you can win a holiday to Tokyo. Here are 8 Reasons Why We Cannot Live Without Changi Recommends’ Wi-fi Router: