The Role of A Hotel Doorman

Hotel Doorman

The job of a doorman is not the most glamourous, yet it is an important component as the frontline staffs are the ones who have the first point of contact with guests. They can make or break an impression. But what is it really like in that position?

We talked to Mr. Jais Adbul Rahman – who has been working in Grand Hyatt Singapore since 1972, and is currently the hotel’s lobby manager – to find out more about the daily job scope of a doorman, the challenges that they face in the line of work, and some of the things that you never knew about being a hotel doorman.


The Role of a Hotel Housekeeper

Hotel Housekeepers

“We work very hard to ensure every room is clean and safe for the guests’ utmost comfort,” says Margaret, Executive Housekeeper of PARKROYAL on Beach Road, “our commitment is what makes every guest’s stay memorable.”

We spent some time chatting with this affable lady who has been in the industry for almost 30 years, with a passion so strong for housekeeping that we could tell from the sparkle in her eyes when she shared with us her journey from a junior Housekeeper to what she is today.

So what is it really like in the shoes of those room attendants who always move around the property quietly but efficiently, keeping everything intact and ensuring a clean and safe environment to stay in? Here, we take a peek into the role of a hotel housekeeper, the daily job scopes, and things that you never knew about being a housekeeper.


The Westin Singapore

The Westin Singapore Hotel

Singapore is a popular destination for tourists, and our amenities have evolved so much that we are put on the world map for many remarkable and award-winning products. And when it comes to seeking shelter when you travel to Singapore, we have no lack of hotels for you to take your pick. From world-class brands to Singapore-only properties, you are sure to have an enjoyable stay – literally.

Sometimes, we are in the mood for something quirky, but quality never goes out of style, and that is why we have our pool of favourites that we always turn to when in doubt. Even as Singaporeans, we believe in escaping to a pleasant environment apart from home – a place that meets all our needs, and to recharge our souls.

Westin Singapore Room

That is when we checked out The Westin Singapore lately, and the stay was one to deepen our loyalty to the Starwood baby. You know, familiarity is really endearing, always and forever. It is the assurance that we can always count on The Westin team to give us a holistic stay-out experience.

The Westin Singapore has a Weekend Escape staycation package that is specially for Singapore residents. If you are planning a surprise for your loved ones, here are some of the things that we love about The Westin Singapore.


InterContinental Singapore Hotel

InterContinental Singapore

We have stayed at several hotels in Singapore, and InterContinental Singapore is one of our favourite experiences. Where do we even begin? From the Peranakan-themed façade and minimalist luxury, down to the lush pillow menu, a stay with InterContinental Singapore is akin to that of spending time outside of home that you can still call home.

And how does this work?

Well, quite simply because the rooms are all designed to emulate a home, where there are no frills, where you feel pampered by the amenities, where no signs of commercialisation can intimidate you. We spent a night at the Shophouse Suite, and it was one staycation that left a deep impression on us (and can’t wait to return).

Right now, InterContinental Singapore is offering a weekend staycation package (S$255++/night) – for its deluxe rooms – that is specially designed for locals. Below, we will share more about what you can look forward to.


12 Reasons Why You Must Stay at The Mulia Resort in Bali

The Mulia Bali

If you have been following our Instagram account, you would have seen (and possibly be blown away) by our live feed during our week-long stay at The Mulia, Mulia Resorts and Villas last month. It was a good week of Heaven on Earth.

Bali is a familiar ground that we visit several times a year, and we have stayed at so many resorts and villas before, but nothing takes the cake like The Mulia does. “Sometimes, you have to believe before you can see,” a constant thought on our minds as we explored the large compound. Every area had something to impress, every landscape touched us like a fairytale.

The Mulia

It is nothing quite like what you would expect from Bali – it redefines stunning on a whole new level, much more than what you would think of from the Island of Gods. The sheer space, the grandeur of the Greek architecture, every single fine detail, the unrivalled luxury and unparalleled beauty; all these are but mere words until you set foot on this paradise – to believe, and to see for yourself what The Mulia Bali has to offer. Sitting at the coastline of Nusa Dua, the property boasts a beach front view, and life is awesome just lounging at the cabanas, sipping cocktails with our favourite books, and daydreaming while staring at the boundless skies and vast horizons.

Comprising three connecting grounds, the property is made up of The Mulia – an oasis of serenity, with luxurious suites and a classy tea room; Mulia Resorts – the main wing of rooms and its fleet of restaurants and deli; and Villas – various villas (up to 6 bedrooms) that are well-nestled in an abundance of greenery and coveted peace. And we lost count of the number of pools there are within the property because there will always be one for us to dive in no matter which part we were at!

We could stay there forever and be lost in paradise, and here are 12 reasons why you must stay at The Mulia, Mulia Resorts and Villas in Bali.


5 Ways Hoteliers Can Be Better Employers

How Hotels can be better

In our line of work, we meet people from the hotel industry a lot – Marketing Managers, Rooms Managers, Housekeeping staff, F&B staff… and while people in this industry are generally more exuberant, it is actually by no surprise that more often than not, they speak of their lethargy, unhappiness and lack of motivation too. And why is that so? Because only they are unsung heroes working hard behind the scenes. Their working hours are longer than usual, weekends and public holidays are always sacrificed; on the corporate side, promotions can be slow and remuneration is not very much better.

So what it takes to stay on is the sheer passion and love for the industry. But everyone gets worn out someday, somewhere. And can employers improve the situation for these staff, and up their happiness level to improve the overall productivity and sense of satisfaction?

Yes. They can. They sure can. Today, we look at five simple ways Hoteliers can refer to and reflect upon, to be better employers and to create a better workplace so as to keep your employees happy at work, and to attract more talents in to your property:


Kayumanis Ubud Private Villa & Spa

Kayumanis Ubud

Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali, our favourite Indonesian island, and any time is a good time to do a quick getaway. So pack your bags, book your flight and jet off to rejuvenation.

When Julia Roberts filmed ‘Eat Pray Love’, Ubud was where Elizabeth Gilbert (played by Julia Roberts herself) fell in love. And Ubud has since been on many’s travel lists. In a recent trip to Ubud, we spent quality time with each other, and treated ourselves to the true essence of Balinese’s hospitality.

Our humble abode was Kayumanis Ubud Private Villa & Spa, a luxurious property tucked away in the alleys of Sayan Village and overlooking the Ayung River Valley jungle. Of tranquility and serenity, private villas and an abundance of lush greenery, step into a sanctuary and let your butlers pamper you throughout your stay.


Pullman Bangkok Hotel G

Pullman Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the cities that Melody and I go to regularly. The combination of lip-smacking good Thai food, awesome and cheap massages, and crazy shopping makes it the perfect spot for a weekend getaway from Singapore.

Our usual neighbourhood when in Bangkok is the Pratunam area – where everything we need is readily available without having to travel far out. However, during a trip earlier this year, we decided to stay at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G in Silom.


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