15 Street Food In Jakarta You Must Try At Least Once In Your Life

bubur ayamPhoto Credit: anindiaulia

The congested traffic along the roads of Indonesia’s bustling capital may be daunting at first glance but we have to admit we are still very much drawn to Jakarta by the wafting aroma and tastiness of their local street food.

Sukun Goreng, Gado-gado and the Pisang Coklat are some personal favourites among the local street selections.

Here is a list of popular street delicacies and snacks to fill your rumbling stomach after a delightful day of meandering through Jakarta’s hustle and bustle.


10 Health Benefits Of Papaya & Why You Should Eat Them

papayaPhoto Credit: Kim-Marie Troutman Photography

Refreshingly sweet and delicious, Christopher Columbus once called the papaya ‘the fruit of the angels’. It is of no surprise that this delightful tropical fruit has swiftly earned its spot as a favourite.

Some may find themselves oddly sceptical once told of the papaya’s plentiful benefits. The spherical, pear-shaped fruit may look plain and exotic but they are in fact, loaded with nutrients, vitamin C, fibre and enzymes. These aren’t all, though!

Here is a list of health benefits and why you really should eat papayas more often. READ ON

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