5 Things About Aircraft Safety Your Flight Attendant Wish You Would Know

Aircraf Safety

We all love hopping onto a plane and going for holidays. I’ve never seen a word as overused as ‘wanderlust’. And getting on a plane is just the start to the adventures we all so crave for.

But the main point of getting on an aircraft is to disembark on the other end safely. And that is our main job and priority as cabin crews onboard your flight.

Contrary to popular belief and misconception, your crew are there for your safety and not so much tea about bringing you nuts, coffee and chicken. What you might not know, is that we are all professionally trained in Aircraft Safety, and in times of emergencies and evacuations, we are the ones who will sacrifice our lives to save yours.

Aircraft Safety is for the betterment of yourself and everyone onboard, and here are the things you might love to find out so as to have a peace of mind for every flight: