27 Staycation Deals in Singapore To Enjoy During This Covid-19 Period – From S$153++

Capella Hotel Singapore

Amidst the outbreak of Covid-19 that has got most cancelling their travel plans, every cloud has its silver lining. Who says a global pandemic has to be a wet blanket for your vacation plans? You can be a tourist in your own land too.

Luxury hotels in Singapore have been offering pretty alluring deals for staycations. Now is the perfect time to pamper yourselves with indulgent buffet breakfasts, relaxing spa sessions and cocktails in the pool.

Here are 27 deals for you to snag during this period if you are itching for a short getaway with your loved ones and aren’t under quarantine.

Staycation Deals 2020

Staycation Deals 2020 2

Staycation Deals 2020 3

Staycation Deals 2020 4

Staycation Deals 2020 5

Staycation Deals 2020 6

Staycation Deals 2020 Last

For more information, visit the various hotels’ official websites to get more information and book your stay.