9 Long Weekends In 2019 If You’re All About That Wanderlust life

Long Weekends 2019

2018 may have its many ups and downs—as do all years—and for all we know 2019 may come with its fair share of bumps as well, but the one thing that this new year promises, which we’re all insanely thrilled for is the fact that there will be a total of 9 long weekends—if you play your cards right and plan your leaves carefully.

That’s right, 2019 is going to be a year packed with long weekends and more importantly, opportunities to travel! Get out those pens and calendars because here, we give you the lowdown on the 9 long weekends in Singapore this year and the places that are worth travelling to during those periods!

Holiday Ideas To Kickstart 2016 – 8 Places To Get Inspired

Seoul Palace

It is the new year, and we resolute to make 2016 a fruitful one. Traveling is always on our to-do list – every year without fail – and we are already filling our calendars with trips! What about you?

We believe in starting our year with a trip – to prep us for what lies ahead, and to be inspired. Whether it is a short trip to a South East Asian Country or a tropical getaway to the sandy beaches in North America where the weather is cool around those couple of months, there is definitely a destination that would work for your soul.

In additional, there are 6 long weekend in Singapore in 2016. Here are some Holiday Ideas To Kickstart 2016 - it is time to start planning if you haven’t!