13 Duck Confits To Try In Singapore

Duck Confit

The duck confit is a French classic dish well loved by foodies all over the world. ‘Confit’ when translated to English means preserved. This traditional delicacy was created centuries ago before refrigerators were made accessible to households. Fortunately, the advancement of technology and widespread affordability of fridges did not see this age-old recipe being made redundant. Instead, the duck confit had become a major staple of the French diet.

An excellent duck confit is one with fragrant crispy skin and succulent juicy flesh. Mastering the preparation of this French gourmet is not an easy feat and many restaurants in Singapore have yet to grasp the timeless French method of cooking it. For our love for duck confits, we have searched high and low across sunny Singapore for tasty duck legs that are worth splurging on and indulging in.

From Saveur’s affordable Duck Confit to fine dining establishment La Brasserie’s interpretation of the French classic, here is our guide to 13 Duck Confits in Singapore You Must Try.