Snoopy, Charlie Brown & the Peanuts Gang Exhibition At The Singapore Philatelic Museum

Snoopy Museum Front

Singapore Philatelic Museum welcomes Snoopy and gang with a very exciting exhibition – “With Love From Snoopy, Charlie Brown & The Peanuts Gang” - that has opened its doors to the public.

Who else grows up loving Snoopy too? This exhibition will warm your heart like how it warmed ours. Here is what you can expect from this ultra-adorable exhibition that will run all the way till 30 April 2016.


11 Fascinating Museums In Singapore You Can Visit Over The Weekend

National Museum

Is it one of those many days where the weather is way too warm to stay outdoors but yet the malls are too packed for your liking? How about going on an adventure to Jurassic Park, or travel back in time to the Qing Dynasty or Majapahit Emipre?

Contrary to the stereotype of it being “boring”, museums are more than just historic artefacts and school excursions. With more than 30 different museums offering a diverse range of genres in Singapore, you will definitely be able to find a museum that will interest you!

Here is a selection of 11 fascinating museums in Singapore that might pique your interests!