5 Things To Know Before Visiting Singapore’s New Eco-Link@BKE

eco-link-bkeSource: NParks

The new Eco-link@BKE is probably the coolest addition to Singapore, and one to be excited about most definitely.

Singapore’s urban population of 100% comes at a price, where many Singaporeans are not exposed to mother nature. Let’s face it, many are easily fascinated by greenery – even if it is just an empty patch of grassland.

But the world’s most expensive city is not all about skyscrapers – the government has been putting immense effort to promote green spaces and a recent bridge – the Eco-Link@BKE – has been constructed to promote biodiversity conservation.

Here are 5 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Singapore’s New Eco-Link@BKE. Most importantly, do note that you are prohibited to access the ecological infrastructure by yourself. To access the bridge, you will have to pre-register online for a guided walk by National Parks.