The One Dish To Eat In Philippines – Lechon


Though it might sound a little foreign to you, the name “Lechon” is derived from a Spanish word which actually means Roasted Suckling Pig. Lechon is slowly cooked over charcoal to achieve a crisp pork skin while keeping its meat juicy and succulent.

Being one of the national dishes of Philippines, everyone loves Lechon for its thin pork skin that ignites a hearty crunch in your mouth with every bite; think of it as a similar version to the Chinese suckling pig.


10 Things to eat in Cebu Philippines

Thing to eat in Cebu

Philippines has never been far from my thoughts since my trip to Manila last year. I made a promise to visit the beautiful country again, so I jumped at the chance when I managed to get cheap flights for a short getaway to Cebu.

Cebu – one of the most developed provinces in the country – is a province in the Philippines which consists of the main Cebu Island and 167 surrounding islands. Alongside Boracay, it is also a top tourist destination in Philippines.

Here’s my list of 10 things to eat in Cebu Philippines.


10 Things To Do In Manila Philippines

10 Things to do in Philippines

I had the chance to visit Manila, the capital city of Philippines for a short trip, and oh my, it was such a fabulous experience. Other than the terrible traffic, I love everything about the country. The Filipinos are super friendly hosts, the country has a very rich history and culture, and most importantly, the food – oh my god – the food. This is a country where the people eat a lot (in a good way); the food is flavourful and very tasty. There is not a proper definition of Philippine cuisine as it differs from the various cities and provinces. But from what I have observed, Filipinos really love their rice and pork.

It is impossible to describe my four days three night experience in Philippines within a single post, but here areĀ 10 things to do in Manila Philippines.