The Playground Coffee – New Neighbourhood Cafe In Jurong West

The Playground Coffee

We have good news for those who live in the west of Singapore—a new cafe has started operations at Nanyang Community Centre. Yes, that means another place for residents and students to chill at other than Archipelago Creamery.

The Playground Coffee is a small, yet spacious cafe with an all-encompassing menu that is suitable for those who are dropping by for a simple afternoon tea or a filling lunch. All items on their menu are below S$16 and visitors do not have to pay for GST or service charge. READ ON

8 Sticky Date Puddings in Singapore That Are Worth The Calories

Sticky Date Pudding

It is true what they say about Sticky Date Puddings – it is one of the greatest dessert inventions in history. Just absolutely divine. The warm pudding in contrast with ice cream is such a temptation that is impossible to resist.

Nothing can come close to the feeling of that first mouthful of warm sticky date pudding, together with a generous portion of vanilla ice cream; that dense sweetness is one so addictive.

We are always on a quest to hunt the best ones around, but for now, here are the Best Sticky Date Puddings in Singapore That Are Worth The Calories.


10 Ugliest Desserts in Singapore That Taste Better Than Heaven

Death by Chocolate Cake

Ugly desserts are the underrated contenders of the desserts world, because they may not be as good looking as those flowery and bombastic desserts that seem to be flooding your social media feeds now. You must have come across beautiful desserts that look good on the outside, but disappointing when you take your first bite.

Not all desserts need to look pretty to be delicious, and the desserts in this list will prove this statement right. Rainbow cakes? Cake shakes? Bingsus? Ugly desserts are the newest thing – the ‘uglier’ the better.

Here are 10 of the Ugliest Desserts in Singapore that we promise you taste so much better than they look.