Noosh Noodle Bar & Grill – Halal-Certified Restaurant At Esplanade Mall With ModSin Fare

Noosh Noodle Bar & Grill

Along the picturesque side of Esplanade mall, Noosh Noodle Bar & Grill—a halal-certified restaurant which specialises in ModSin cuisine—is one of the many dining destinations located along the boardwalk.

Opened by renowned Chef Ummi Abdullah, who is incidentally also the person behind the success of Ambeng Cafe, this chic classy restaurant serves up a plethora of not only attractive noodle and grill dishes but also tantalising desserts and mocktails.

5 Reasons Why Spicy Food Lovers Are Healthier People

Spicy Rice Cake

It goes without saying that spice is one of the rubrics of Asian cuisines, with many countries and cultures incorporating spices, especially chillies with a high spice level, into their daily food intake. As Asians ourselves, we are generally used to really intense spiciness since we are exposed to spicy food since young.

On top of enhancing the taste of your food, spice is actually beneficial to you and your body in so many ways.

If you are not convinced, here are 5 Reasons Why Spicy Food Lovers Are Healthier People.