QT Hotel Gold Coast

QT Hotel

From the exterior, QT Hotel looks like a normal building: plain, ordinary and boring – a place that you will not pay much attention to. But once you step inside, you are greeted by the bright and funky lobby, and chances are, you will be “oohing” and “aahing” at everything, just like we did when we stayed there during our trip to Gold Coast organised by Scoot and Queensland Tourism Board.

QT Hotel Lobby

QT Hotel at Gold Coast stands out for its bold and innovative design, and given that it is reasonably priced at A$160/night (depends on availability and season), I dare say that you will love the experience. If you are going to Gold Coast for a holiday, you must stay with them.


Food Lover’s Guide to San Francisco

San Francisco Food Guide

San Francisco is truly a gastronomic heaven. Be it Japanese, Chinese or French patisseries and desserts, they have the best here in San Francisco to satisfy your taste buds. And thanks to the myriad of Asians that flock the land, San Francisco is home to some of the best Asian delights here in the States. It is no wonder why restaurants are one of San Francisco’s main attractions, drawing people not only from the Bay Area, but from all over the world.

Here is a list of restaurants and bakeries that you can visit during your gastronomic adventure in San Francisco.


Smitten Coffee & Tea Bar Singapore

Smitten Cafe

Note: Smitten Coffee & Tea Bar is now closed.

Many indie cafes have been making a name for themselves in the local scene, and I think it is a good thing because more and more people are starting to appreciate coffee.

Smitten Coffee & Tea Bar at Robertson Quay is one of those that has been gaining loyal followers for serving good coffee. If you are going on a cafe hopping adventure, you should definitely include it in your list.


ChocGoji Chocolate Covered Wolfberries Snack



Who loves wolfberries (also known as Goji berries) as I do? I am very familiar with wolfberries because my mom uses it to prepare oriental soups. For her, wolfberries are one of the key ingredients, as they are believed to be beneficial to the eyes, liver and kidney. Moreover, it is a natural sweetener – soups cooked with wolfberries are so much more flavourful. So boy, was I surprised when I found out about ChocGoji – chocolate covered wolfberries. Oh my god.

I love chocolate, and I love having wolfberries in my soup. But I would never have imagined covering wolfberries with chocolate. I think the Chocgoji’s slogan sums it up perfectly: chocolates-coated wolfberry is a match made in heaven.

If you are like me, snacking all the time, why not give ChocGoji a try? They come in three different chocolate coatings; milk chocolate, dark chocolate and sugar-free chocolate.


HAN Restaurant Singapore

HAN Japanese Restaurant

HAN Restaurant at Odeon Towers is a kushikatsu speciality restaurant that serves Japanese skewers kaiseki-style. During lunch, they have a lunch set of seven sticks for $75, while omakase at dinner starts from $120.

I know you cannot really go wrong with deep-fried stuff, but trust me, the offerings at HAN restaurant are not your typical greasy and sinful food. How should I put it? Every stick that we had was fresh, flavourful, and most importantly, not oily to the extent that you will feel sick after eating it. In fact, we still wanted more after we had seven to eight sticks.


September Notice Board

Tokyo Farmers Market

I have updated my lists of Best Dessert Places in Singapore and Best Japanese Restaurants in Singapore. Do check it out if you need recommendations on where to eat.

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