The Secret Behind Successful F&B Businesses – How To Improve Efficiency & Menu Planning Tips

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Ever thought about how the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry is constantly booming because of supply and demand, and how it is one of the things that people do not mind spending on? On the other side of the coin, it is a pretty tough industry to get into if you are looking to explore a career in the F&B industry, and only the best and toughest stay on.

Working in the F&B industry is admittedly tough; setting up a restaurant/cafe is even tougher. Daunting, in fact.

For all you F&B owners out there, have you thought about what makes or breaks your business(es)? It is not just about cooking good food, but also how to stay competitive in this industry by maximising efficiency, understanding diners, planning your menus better, and how to ace high volume cooking.


5 Things Your Waiter Wants You To Know


Have you ever served in a restaurant before? Or wondered what is it like to be one of those wait staff with big trays? How long are they on their feet each day, and do you think they have it easy?

Waiters are very noble beings. They wake up each day with a common purpose – to bring their best service to your table. Many times, we may have taken them for granted, and they really deserve more appreciation and respect; appreciation from customers, and respect from their employers.

We spoke with a few friends in the industry, and have them share with us some hidden messages they wish to share with customers so as to help make their workplace a better one, and for them to be motivated to serving you better.

Here are 5 things your waiter wants you to know: