Why You Should Not Say No To ‘All Things Nice’ At Edge, Pan Pacific Singapore

Edge Christmas Buffet

Look, Ma! A ginger bread house!

Dreams do come true if you wish hard enough, and just when we thought no one could ever be Hansel and Gretel for real, we lived to see a life-size ginger bread house with so many trays of cookies, chocolates and freshly baked desserts. You see, life can be filled with miracles like that.

Our miracle happened at Edge at Pan Pacific edgefoodtheatre.com, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you! For our last installation for festive buffets this December, we present the wondrous All Things Nice – Pan Pacific’s culinary indulgences inspired by the flavours and spices of the Pacific.

Edge Pan Pac Christmas

With seven live food theatres and a whimsical dessert island that houses the most amazing fruit mince pies, homemade gluten-free nama chocolates and many more splendid treats, it is a lavish affair here at Edge, and here’s Why You Should Not Say No To ‘All Things Nice’ At Edge, Pan Pacific Singapore.


How to Eat More and Feel Good this Festive Season


With Chinese New Year just glimpses away, everyone is in the mood to celebrate. We rejoice without restraints, bask in the glorious festivity with all the goodies, and eat like the sun will never set. And as with all other festivals, people get fat and/or fall ill after celebrations. While having fun is vital and eating is one of the best ways to socialize, we have to remain responsible for our health.

Efficient digestion is so essential for good health. Here is a simple guide on how to aid digestion, and while you are savouring your pineapple tarts and bak kwa, please stay healthy for yourself and for your loved ones.