5 Must-Visit Scenic Countryside Destinations in Taiwan

taroko gorge taiwan

Visited Taipei countless of times and beginning to find yourselves tired of the ubiquitous skyscrapers?

Then perhaps it is time to venture out of the city and explore what Taiwan’s serene rural areas have to offer. Furthermore, plenty of scientific research have also proved that the exposure to natural landscapes indeed reduces one’s stress levels significantly.

Here is our guide to 5 Must-Visit Scenic Countryside Destinations in Taiwan. These tranquil and natural Taiwanese beauties are the answers for both outdoor adventurers and worn-out city dwellers who are looking for a temporary escapade.


8 Best Hikes in Asia For Every Adventurous Traveller

best hikes southeast asia

Going on a hiking expedition is always an exciting adventure to look forward to. You get to temporarily disconnect from the overwhelmingly hectic lifestyle, explore the best of nature, and of course, burn all the undesirable calories you have gained from the holidays!

Few things in life are more liberating than reconnecting with Mother Nature.

From Hong Kong’s best urban hiking trail Dragon’s Back to Taiwan’s highest point Yushan National Park, here is our Guide to the 8 Best Hikes in Asia for Every Adventurous Traveller Out There.