What Your Favourite Dessert Says About Your Personality

Paris Patisserie

As the old saying goes, you are indeed what you eat.

Desserts people, if you find yourself often craving for cheesecakes, frozen yoghurt or whatnot, there might actually be a reason behind that particular dessert preference.

From the classic waffle, French macaron to Korean bingsu, we have shortlisted 10 commonly eaten desserts in Singapore for a quick personality analysis. Read on more and find out what your Favourite Dessert Says About Your Personality!


7 Speculoos Cookie Butter Desserts In Singapore For The Cookie Butter Fanatics

Speculoos Brownie Tart Bloomsbury Bakers

Speculoos Cookie Butter, or Cookie Butter in short, has been famed for its nutty and creamy flavour worldwide. This spread is essentially made with baked cookies, before crushing and mixing them with oil until they become a mouth-watering spread – akin to the texture and colour of peanut butter, but even better. We love cookie butter for its addictive taste and would eat it straight from the jar if it was not so fattening.

Speculoos Cookie Butter spread has been leaving its mark across desserts as one of the ultimate ingredient that can never go wrong – macarons, cakes, waffles, ice cream – you name it, they would probably have dominated it all already.

Join the party as we uncover 7 Speculoos Cookie Butter Desserts For The Cookie Butter Fanatics.


Whisk Cafe – Beautiful Bakery Cafe In Tiong Bahru To Go For Desserts

Whisk Cafe Tiong Bahru

The enclave of cafes and eateries at Tiong Bahru has been expanding at full force and it does not seem to be stopping any time soon. Late last year, a new addition – Whisk Café – has joined the hipster neighbourhood and the rest is history.

White seems to be the new black for most up-and-coming cafes and we are sure that frequent cafe hoppers will agree with us. Whisk Cafe’s interiors are completely decked out in white; white walls, white pillars, white tables, white stools. You get the gist.


11 Frozen Yogurts in Singapore That Rekindle Our Love for Froyo

Froyo Singapore

What makes a great cup of frozen yogurt? More affectionately known as ‘froyo’, the yogurt itself has to be just the right amount of tart and sweet, and secondly, the toppings has to be interesting, creative and even unexpected, too.

Of course, we are not shaming the basic froyo cup with fresh fruits and/or chocolate sauce, but we have to admit that unique toppings do stand out.

The froyo trend started off as the talk of the town but has seemed to fade off in the recent months. Still, that does not mean that froyo has lost its place in our hearts, as we still witness many like-minded froyo-loving individuals queueing up for this amazing treat.

Singapore has no lack of froyo options, and there has always been a debate on which one is the best. While we have our absolute favourite, we have picked out some of the better ones you can find in Singapore, to bring you this list of Best Frozen Yogurts in Singapore.


10 Ugliest Desserts in Singapore That Taste Better Than Heaven

Death by Chocolate Cake

Ugly desserts are the underrated contenders of the desserts world, because they may not be as good looking as those flowery and bombastic desserts that seem to be flooding your social media feeds now. You must have come across beautiful desserts that look good on the outside, but disappointing when you take your first bite.

Not all desserts need to look pretty to be delicious, and the desserts in this list will prove this statement right. Rainbow cakes? Cake shakes? Bingsus? Ugly desserts are the newest thing – the ‘uglier’ the better.

Here are 10 of the Ugliest Desserts in Singapore that we promise you taste so much better than they look.


11 Lemon Tarts in Singapore For Fans Of Citrus Desserts

Lemon Tarts

We confess we are huge fans of lemon tarts. These citrus desserts are always refreshing, and we love how every bite of this zesty treat leaves a lingering tangy aftertaste.

A satisfying lemon tart is hard to come by and we have had our fair share of disappointments. We decided to take it upon ourselves to hunt for the best lemon tarts in town – and we successfully found several worthy of the extra calories!

From newly opened Mad About Sucre’s Coco Citron Tart to longstanding Baker & Cook’s classic Lemon Tart, we have shortlisted 11 Best Lemon Tarts in Singapore for this guide. And we hope you love them as much as we do!


5 Fried Ice Cream Rolls In Singapore – The Next Big Thing?

21 Cube Artisan Ice Cream

This marvellous handmade dessert – or what is better known now as Ice Cream Rolls – from Thailand has been the talk of the town of late, and we are here to check out the hype.

Ice Cream Rolls are essentially made from pouring milk on an iced grill, before continuously smashing and chopping them skillfully while mixing in various toppings, be it fruits, chocolates or even marshmallows. The slightly hardened ice cream is thereafter rolled into thin pieces and drizzled with dessert sauces – so wickedly sinful, which makes us love them more.

If you have been salivating at videos of this sweet creation on your social media feeds, you should be treating yourself to a helping already. Many ice cream parlours in Singapore have picked up on this trend, bringing these Ice Cream Rolls closer to our doorsteps and our hearts.

That being said, check out these 5 Places In Singapore To Get Ice Cream Rolls!


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