7 Beach Destinations You Can Get To From Singapore In Under 3 Hours

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Work and sleep, on repeat. Today, many of us face the stress of the fast-paced lifestyle that we have to inevitably get accustomed to. The hustle and bustle of city life may take up the bulk of our time, but we all know that although this lifestyle is needed to make ends meet, this isn’t the ideal way to spend our time.

Sometimes, all we need is a short getaway to get a breather from the strenuous amount of stress we have to leave us feeling pumped up, refreshed and more energetic than before.

Every second is important—and that is why we have compiled a list of beach destinations you can get to from Singapore within 3 hours, perfect for a short weekend retreat from the taxing and frenetic way of life.


Monsoon Season Forecasts 2016 – The Best Times To Visit The Beaches in Asia

Beach getaway

A beach holiday is always a good idea.

Sun, sand sea. Everything we love, everything we enjoy. But it can be such a bummer if we plan for a beach holiday during the monsoon season.

During monsoon seasons, the weather can be extremely erratic with strong winds and heavy rain. And we’ve had enough of it.

We have decided to wrap up the year’s monsoon season forecasts for the popular beach destinations in Asia, so that you will not be caught in unexpected situation. No more being stuck in a beach resort and praying for the rain to go away!


12 Beach Essentials To Pack for Your Beach Holiday

Beach Essentials

There is always that question whenever you are hitting the beach, “What should I bring along?”

Sure, there are aplenty to pack, but what do you really need to enhance your experience, and to cover you for all that you need? Here, we make a checklist of the items that you should pack. These are the 12 Beach Essentials that should go into your beach bag for that wonderful day out in the sun.

Let the sea and the sunshine set you free…