7 Spanish Restaurants & Bars In Singapore To Enjoy The Finest Spanish Cuisine

Eat Spain Drink Spain

Hola! It is the month to embrace our love for Spanish food right here in Singapore. There will be 16 bars and restaurants certified with Restaurants from Spain Certificate participating in Eat Spain, Drink Spain from now to 15 Nov.

Enjoy a spectacular showcase of Spanish culinary delights. These bars and restaurants will be offering special menus, promotions, and events that celebrate the unique flavors and traditions of Spain. Gather all your amigos, and wine and dine and indulge in all things Spanish because why not?

Here are 7 deals and specials to expect for the remaining days of Eat Spain, Drink Spain.


The Marmalade Pantry – Celebrate Christmas With Gourmet Takeaways & Yuletide Feast

The Marmalade Pantry Christmas 2023

The magical Christmas season is almost here, and The Marmalade Pantry is casting an epicurean spell with its ‘A Christmas Tale’ offering.

This year’s lavish Christmas treats includes fresh and classic standout features such as juicy roasts, appealing side dishes, and a pair of log cakes.

From savoring festive gourmet treats at Christmas gatherings to relishing a relaxed Yuletide Afternoon Tea with your friends and family, you can always count on The Marmalade Panty for this special occasion.


Yue Kee Roast Goose – The Best Roast Goose Restaurant In Hong Kong

Yue Kee Roast Goose

Plump, juicy and tender meat which comes with the crispiest skin with a layer of delicious fats and served with an addictive plum sauce, roast goose is a dish which has been perfected over generations.

Numerous roast goose restaurants in Hong Kong serve the traditional dish, but only a select few are truly top-notch.

Yue Kee Roast Goose restaurant

Hidden just a short journey from Tuen Mun Road in Sham Tseng, you’ll find Yue Kee Roast Goose Restaurant which has been around since 1958 and it is one of the oldest roast goose restaurants in Hong Kong.


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