7 Things You Should Never Do On An Empty Stomach

Breakfast In Bed

Many of us have a morning routine that we are used to doing on a daily basis. Need that cuppa to perk yourself up before heading out to work? How about dragging yourself to the gym before breakfast to get that workout done first thing in the morning?

If one of these scenarios sounds familiar to you, then it is time to break that habit. It is important to set aside time for breakfast to ensure that you have enough fuel to start your day right.

Here are 7 Things You Should Never Do On An Empty Stomach, because they may cause you discomfort and even health issues in the long run. READ ON

10 Events In Singapore In May 2019 – Including Geylang Serai Bazaar And Mayday Parade


April zipped by way faster than we thought it did and in a blink of an eye, it’s going to be May soon.

If you think that May is a month that has nothing exciting for you to look forward to, well, there is a whole line-up of events and activities that we know will pique your interest. This includes Peroni Sunset Cinema, AIA Glow Festival and the famous Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar.

May is also the month for music lovers with exciting upcoming performances by popular artists such as Mayday Parade, Troye Sivan and Jason Mraz. If you love a good musical, you can also look forward to watching The Phantom of the Opera live at Marina Bay Sands. 

Are you excited already?


7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Milk Before You Sleep

The Nilk Factory Milk

Humans have been consuming milk for thousands of years and it has become a very important part of our diet. As compared to sugary and carbonated drinks, milk is loaded with calcium and minerals which are beneficial for our health.

We consume milk on a daily basis—from pairing it with cereals to adding it into our cake recipes. Even mum constantly reminds us to finish a glass of milk before bedtime when we were younger.

If you have always wondered about the health benefits of drinking milk at night, here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Milk Before You Sleep. READ ON

10 Guilt-Free Supper Ideas That are Under 150 Calories

Juscool Apple Soda

Hunger pangs striking past midnight again? You are not alone. But instead of going straight for the comforting packet of instant noodles, why not opt for something healthier?

We all know that eating during unearthly hours is unhealthy, but there are a few low-calories snacks we could consume as alternatives to the sinfully processed fast food. They are also a lot more nutritious without compromising on the delicious factor.

From air-popped popcorn to strawberry-banana smoothie, here is our guide to 10 guilt-free supper ideas that are under 150 calories each. Now you know what to eat when you are unable to ignore that growling tummy.


Henderson Waves - A Tranquil Respite Away From The Hectic City Life

pjimage (91)

Singapore has no shortage of scenic places to take a stroll through whether for your health or plainly just to get out of the house. There are a plethora of gorgeous spots here to immerse yourself in nature, exercise, chill with your loved ones or just have some alone time.

But Singapore, contrary to what the media portrays, is far more than just Gardens By The Bay. One of the more picturesque ones out of the lot is the iconic Henderson Waves. The bridge stands 36 metres above Henderson Road and is Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge, providing people with a spectacular view of Keppel Harbour.


Anthony Bourdain to open Singapore-style Food Market in New York

Anthony Bourdain

A food market serving Singapore-style street food in New York? This is exactly what author/TV personality star Anthony Bourdain – known for his book Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – is working on next.

He has signed a deal to open his first large-scale food market in Manhattan, which will reflect his passion for international street food.

Anthony Bourdain confirmed the project: “I am indeed working on this project—carefully assembling a dream list of chefs, operators, street food and hawker legends from around the world—in hopes of bringing them together in one New York City space. As the greatest city in the world, I’ve long felt that we should have the kind of delicious, diverse food centers that Singapore (for instance) enjoys. And, in fact, it is my hope that an important component of this project will be representatives of Straits hawker masters. My likes are pretty well known: dai pai dong in Hong Kong, Boqueria in Spain, hawker centers in Singapore, street tostadas in Ensenada. To the extent that I can help bring those things home to New York, along with a truly interesting collection of home grown innovators, I will be very, very pleased. If nothing else, I hope to soon be able to enjoy a really good Chicken Rice in NYC.”

While surprising, it is actually little wonder this is happening because Anthony Bourdain is known to be a big fan of Singapore local food. This is great news for us as more people will get to taste our popular local food. This might just pave the way for more Singapore restauranteurs and chefs to expand and venture to the United States.

New York City, watch out for Singapore street food!

Behind the scenes at Sheraton Towers

Sheraton Learning Jourmey

Traveling is part of our job at Ladyironchef, and our lodging changes from one hotel to another. Many times, we check in to luxurious rooms and suites – big beds with pressed sheets, clean and vacuumed floors, a mini bar full of drinks and snacks… and sometimes, we take for granted all that are put in place nicely for our experience.

Have you ever wondered what goes behind the scenes? How are your rooms cleaned? How does the hotel facilitate the numerous check-ins and check-outs daily? Sometimes, we would stop and talk with housekeeping staff when we bump into them along the corridors, but all that we could learn and understand from such transient conversations are but superficial information.

This month, we had the privilege to attend a tour behind the scenes of Sheraton Towers, and learned in-depth the various backend procedures and systems. And because it was such an educational and enriching tour, we would like to share some insights with you.


Fairprice to donate S$9 for every loaf of Fairprice Bread Sold

Fairprice FoundationPhoto credit: U Care

FairPrice Foundation has pledged to donate S$9 for every loaf of FairPrice house brand bread sold at all FairPrice and Cheers stores. Through the campaign, FairPrice Foundation targets to donate up to $1.5 million to U Care Fund to help low-income union members and their families. This meaningful initiative will last until 19 August, I hope you guys will show your support and grab a loaf of bread when you go grocery shopping this week.

This post is in conjunction with ladyironchef x the union.

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