How to Plan a Baby’s First Birthday Party

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From baby to toddler, our baby turning one is a bittersweet moment for us. And like most parents, we want to celebrate his birthday as best way we know how, by throwing a birthday party.

When Brad asked me to share about my experience on ladyironchef, I agreed immediately because I hope this post on How to Plan a Baby’s First Birthday Party will give you some ideas when you are celebrating your child’s first birthday.

I do not consider myself experienced when it comes to party planning, much less a first year birthday party. Russell is my first born by the way. As a host, I did a few things right and a couple of things wrong. Here are some lessons learnt, and things I wished somebody told me before.


Guide to Restaurant Website Design


Words by Priscilla Nu (Digital product designer & strategist. Co-founder of UNNU).

As smartphone penetration grows, mobile subscription and usage increases, and percentage of Internet user reaches an all-time high. If you have a business, you should have a website. Even if your product cannot be transacted online, many consumers now search for information online before making a purchase or a visit. Your website may be your first chance to create a positive impression.

In part one, we go through the basic considerations when starting a website. In part two, we will talk about ways to create an online presence without breaking the bank.