Esora – This Modern Japanese Kappo-Style Restaurant Is One Of The Best Restaurants In Singapore


One of the best restaurants in Singapore, Esora is a modern Japanese kappo-style restaurant with one Michelin star which pays homage to the four seasons; the menu, presentation and the floral arrangement change according to the season.

We had an exquisite and wonderful 10-course meal (S$338) at Esora and these were the highlights of our dinner.

Esora menu

Esora Foie Gras Monaka

Esora Kegani crab

Our meal started with the photogenic Foie Gras Monaka with strawberry and myoga, and this was followed by a delicious Kegani crab.

Esora Stuffed Chicken with morel

Next up was one of our favourite dish from the 10–course spring menu, the Stuffed Chicken with morel. It had a lovely char to it, balanced out with the nutty and earthy flavour of the morel mushrooms. We would totally return to Esora again just for another serving of this.

ESORA Spring Hassun

Then we had ESORA Spring Hassun, a beautiful display of Katsuo with scallion andsea perch with crispy nori.

Esora Amadai soup

We were then served with a light yet flavourful and very sweet bowl of Amadai soup.

Esora Omi Wagyu

Another of our favourite course was, without a doubt, the Omi Wagyu which was served with garlic leaves and bamboo shoots, and topped with fried shallots. Utterly delicious!

Esora Clam Donabe

We were already very full by then, but we still managed to find room for the Clam Donabe with uni and ginger.

Esora Sake Ice Cream

Esora Fruits

To end off the meal, we had Sake Ice Cream and seasonal fruits served on a gorgeous platter.

Esora Dessert

Despite the departure of their former chef Shigeru Koizumi, the food at Esora is still very, very good and it remains one of the top restaurants in Singapore. It is incredibly hard to book a table here and you need to make reservation months in advance.

Esora Restaurant

We made a booking halfway through our meal for our next visit here to experience the menu during Summer. We cannot wait for our next dining experience here!

15 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238964
Tel: +65 8533 7528