Biscuit King – Old-School Biscuit Shop That Sells Our Favourite Childhood Snacks

Biscuit King Shop

If you happen to be an avid fan of nostalgia, then Biscuit King is a place you most definitely have to check out. Situated along Upper Thomson Road, Biscuit King is just a few shops down from the famous Casuarina Curry Restaurant.

Stepping into this old-school biscuit shop will transport you back to your beloved childhood days—that is if you happen to be born before the late 90s.


From iconic past-times such as ‘pick-up sticks’ and ‘snakes and ladders’ that we used to indulge in back in primary school, to childhood snack time favourites such as iced gems to pineapple jam biscuits, Biscuit King is a place worth checking out even if you have never heard of these traditional snacks and games.



Be spoiled for choices at Biscuit King, there is a huge variety of old-school snacks for you to choose from.


Other than traditional snacks, you can also find classic games and toys such as pick-up sticks, marbles and even old maid and donkey cards.


Biscuit King
130 Casuarina Rd
Tel: +65 6458 0925