Kinki – Modern Fusion Japanese Menu With One Of The Best Views In Singapore

Kinki restaurant

Kinki Restaurant + Bar is back after a major revamp and we are loving it more than ever! How we’ve missed a great meal at Kinki Restaurant + Bar and our recent trip back after their revamp reminds us of just why they are one of the most popular waterfront restaurants in Singapore.

Vibrant and bold, Kinki Restaurant + Bar offers an eclectic experience of modern Japanese food and beverages that defy traditions. Nothing here is basic; it seems like the restaurant’s quest to push culinary boundaries and to wow you even with the most unassuming of dishes.

With Kinki Restaurant + Bar being one of the swankiest dining spots in the Marina Bay area, and an exhilarating and creative menu, kick off your shoes, knock backsome tipples and have a marvellous evening at this bold Japanese fusion restaurant and bar.

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Kinki Interior

Your Kinki experience begins right when you take the lift up to the restaurant. The arrival lobby is decked out in vinyl prints featuring retro Japanese-inspired patterns stitched into a dizzying collage, the prints evokes Kintsugi, the old Japanese art of mending broken pottery by joining the fragments with capillaries of gold and it instantly whisks you away into another world away from reality

When the lift door opens, be greeted with a sexy entranceway clad in colour-changing LED lights, and murals that flow around the corners of the restaurant. There is an open-kitchen concrete top counter, and divider grills are put in place to close off certain sections of the restaurant for a more private dining experience.

Kinki Rooftop Bar

One of the best rooftop bars in Singapore, head up to the 3rd floor to Kinki Rooftop Bar. It is the perfect place to unwind with Asian-inspired cocktails and bar bites before heading down to the main restaurant for an epic dinner.

Kinki Bar Cocktails

Known for its Asian-inspired cocktails, Kinki Restaurant + Bar takes its cocktails and drinks seriously.

There is a comprehensive selection of Japanese sake, umeshu, shochu, spirits, and handcrafted classic cocktails with a Kinki twist. The highlights include the Aurora Polaris from the ‘Kinki Rockstar’ menu as well as the new Tears of The Geisha and Gin Assam Boi from the ‘Geisha’s Choice’ menu.

Kinki Ohmi Wagyu Donburi


Let’s dive straight into our favourite dish. Kinki Restaurant + Bar’s High Roller Wagyu Don (S$98) is the epitome of luxury.

The Ohmi A4 Wagyu—the finest wagyu from Shiga prefecture in Japan—is seared to perfection on a charcoal grill. Then, the chef drizzles a special sauce on the decadent Ohmi A4 Wagyu slices before adding Hokkaido Uni, Ikura, shaved summer black truffle, and onsen egg.

This is one of the best wagyu donburi you can get in Singapore.

Kinki Unagi Claypot


Previously a chef’s special only served on occasion for regulars in the know, the Unagi Claypot has been upgraded to a permanent spot from its cameo role last year, and it is a must-try dish at Kinki Restaurant + Bar.

Rice is fried with chopped Japanese unagi before it is finished in the claypot, topped with more unagi slathered with an addictive house-made unagi sauce.

Think of this as a Japanese claypot rice, but better. It was so good that we finished every grain of rice.

Kinki Kickass Chirashi Don


Not all Chirashi Dons are created equal. Kinki Restaurant + Bar’s Kickass Chirashi Don (S$78) comes with a mixture of the freshest sashimi and it is elevated to the next level with the addition of shaved black truffles and Hokkaido uni.

We call this happiness in a bowl.

Kinki AC:DC Dynamite Sushi Roll


Take a look at Kinki Restaurant + Bar’s menu and in one glance, you’ll notice they are really proud of their maki rolls. There is an entire page dedicated to maki rolls, and the combinations are interesting! Totally not what you would expect of traditional sushi rolls, but nothing too exotic that you won’t want to try.

Like its name “Alternating Current/ Direct Current”, the AC/DC Dynamite Sushi Roll (S$22) is power-packed with raw energy and is a deep-fried roll that combines mixed fried seafood and fresh raw seafood,  topped with a fiery sriracha sweet soy. Sounds complicated? Not at all; simply rock and roll with this AC/DC Dynamite Sushi Roll that is multi-textural yet well-balanced in terms of flavours.

Kinki Corn Duo


At a place like Kinki where everyone gallivants over food and drinks, small plates are a must to order. Start your meal with appetisers first; go slow and easy on the night.

The newest kid on the block, try out the Corn Duo (S$16). It is quite possibly the best corn dish we’ve tried in recent years. Who would have thought that baby corn would be this tasty?!

Boasting a smoky aroma, these roasted baby corn are topped with furikake and sriracha mayo. The saltiness from the furikake and slightly spicy complements the sweetness of the corn so well, and the side of yellow corn puree gives the appetiser an additional textural dimension.

Kinki Grilled Squid Chimichurri


You have to order something from the Grill menu to share too. The Grilled Squid Chimichurri (S$32) is a nice charcoal-grilled option if you are looking for something to go with your drinks.

Other grill options include Mentaiko Sea Prawn (S$30) and Pomegranate Miso Black Cod (S$34). If you are in the mood to splurge, there’s the Ohmi Wagyu Houba-Yaki (S$90)—Ohmi A4 wagyu striploin chargrilled with mixed mushrooms.

Besides the fantastic a la carte selections, we will let you in on a really good deal. Kinki Restaurant + Bar’s Bottomless Brunch (S$68 on Saturdays and Public Holidays) offers unlimited a la carte servings of sushi, sashimi, maki, hot and cold Japanese favourites, and desserts. You can also choose to top it up with free-flow beer, sake, prosecco or shochu at only S$35.

Kinki Restaurant & Bar
70, #02-02 Collyer Quay, Customs House, 049323
Tel: +65 6533 3471

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