Burger Bench & Bar (B3) By Relish by Wild Rocket Is Making A Comeback As A Delivery Pop-up

Burger Bench Bar

Burger Bench & Bar (B3) is making a comeback as a delivery pop-up within the next week.

Opened by restaurateur & chef Willin Low, who owns the popular Roketto Izakaya and Mod-Sin bistro Relish by Wild Rocket, Burger Bench & Bar (B3) closed its outlet at Cathay Cineleisure on 31 July 2011.

Burger Bench Singapore

Burger Bench and Bar’s menu will offer several signature items such as its Sarawak Black Pepper Cheeseburger, Japanese Curry Torikatsu Burger, and Har Jeong Chicken Wings, and they will be produced at Roketto’s kitchen in Fraser’s Tower.

Burger Bench & Bar

Here are the items on Burger Bench & Bar (B3)’s A la Carte Menu:

1.Sarawak Black Pepper Cheeseburger – S$16.90
handmade beef patty, sarawak black pepper sauce, bombay red onion & melted cheddar cheese.

2. Caramelised Onions Cheeseburger – S$16.90
handmade beef patty, caramelised onions & melted cheddar cheese

3. Sauté Mushrooms Cheeseburger – S$16.90
handmade beef patty, smoky sauté mixed mushrooms & melted cheddar cheese

4. Japanese Curry Torikatsu Burger – S$16.90
breaded boneless chicken drumstick, japanese curry mayo & tomato

5. Har Jeong Chicken Wings (4 Pcs) – S$13.30
crispy shrimp paste-marinated mid joints

6.Spicy Har Jeong Chicken Wings (4pcs) – S$13.30
crispy chili padi dusted shrimp paste-marinated mid joints

7. French Fries – $6.15

8. Spam Fries & Kaffir Mayo – $9.85

Burger Bench & Bar (B3) will most likely be readying by this weekend on its Oddle’s site. They will also be taking in phone orders via +65 6904 5458.