10 Places In Singapore To Escape To When You’re Feeling Too Broke To Travel

Places in Singapore to Escape to Collage

Travelling abroad is a dream for many Singaporeans, with bills and loans to pay off and responsibilities always weighing heavy on our shoulders.

But if travelling to another continent to escape from our realities might be too far-fetched for now, think again -  you don’t exactly have to get out of Singapore to unwind and relax for a moment.

Singapore is filled with stunning natural attractions that are brimming with biodiversity and vibrant wildlife. From an organic farm to perhaps the last remaining kampong in Singapore, here are 10 places within Singapore to plan a short day getaway from reality.

Bollywood Veggies Farm Tour


Located on Neo Tiew Road and away from the hustle of Singapore’s cityscape, Bollywood Veggies is a countryside organic farm with plenty to offer. From educational and family-friendly activities to learn about how we can protect our lush greenery to farm tours and even paddy planting.

Bollywood Veggies is the perfect getaway from reality if you’re looking for a short day trip that offers some peace and serenity. After a fulfilling day out in nature, dig into local fusion grub that takes the farm-to-table concept to another level at Poison Ivy Bistro.

100 Neo Tiew Rd
Singapore 719026
Tel: +65 6898 5001
Wed to Fri: 8am – 5.30pm
Sat & Sun: 8am – 6.30pm
(Closed on Monday & Tuesday)

Chinese Garden Singapore


Integrating distinguishing architectural highlights of Chinese imperial style of construction along with a natural environment, Chinese Garden is one half of Jurong Gardens for visitors to explore.

With traditional stone lions guarding the main gates, a bridge that mimics the style of the Seventeen-Arch Bridge, and a pair of pagoda towers, Chinese Garden is a getaway perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in a scenic traditional Chinese spot.

1 Chinese Garden Rd
Singapore 619795
Daily: 5.30am – 11pm
Nearest Station: Lakeside

Coney island Mangrove Boardwalk


Coney Island Park stretches across a hundred and thirty-three hectares of space and is one of many incredibly photogenic spots in Punggol for its mostly untouched natural habitat.

Explorers will be able to observe the wildlife that lives here including monkeys, chickens and otters. Go on a scenic cycle, check out the bird shelters, and take in all that mother nature has to offer at Coney Island Park.

Punggol Promenade Nature Walk
Singapore 829325
Daily: 7am – 7pm

Japanese Garden

Photo Credit: Instagram


Japanese Garden makes up the second half of Jurong Gardens. Filled with traditional Japanese architecture, bonsai plants and stone lanterns, Japanese Garden perfectly mimics the serenity of a Japanese Garden.

1 Chinese Garden Rd
Singapore 619795
Daily: 5.30am – 7pm



Hidden away amongst concrete buildings is Kampong Lorong Buangkok, perhaps one of the last standing testaments to Singapore’s early days. Stepping into this plot of land will instantly transport you into a different reality; where life is more slow-paced, and technology does not greet you at every turn.

Kampong Lorong Buangkok is still home to an estimated 30 families who reside amongst the old dirt roads, exposed telephone wires overhead and thick greenery. Take a trip down nostalgia lane at Kampong Lorong Buangkok to relive some of Singapore’s golden days.

7 Lor Buangkok
Singapore 547557
Nearest Station: Buangkok

kranji marshes singapore


Put on your comfiest hiking shoes and take a trek in the rustic Kranji Marshes. Home to a diversity of vibrant wildlife and plant life, the Kranji Marshes is one of the largest freshwater marshes on our little red dot!

This is a perfect getaway for bird-spotting and observing many of mother nature’s enchanting wonders.

Pulau Ubin

Photo Credit: Instagram


An island northeast of the mainland, Pulau Ubin is the perfect day trip for those looking to completely get off the radar for a while. With numerous scenic cycling trails, old school kampongs and Mother Nature’s bewildering beauty at every corner, Pulau Ubin poses an adventure for those seeking an untouched natural attraction.

Camp under the cover of the starry night sky, blaze the biking trails or dive into the waters on a kayak; there are plenty of adventures that await at Pulau Ubin.

Sisters Islands

Photo Credit: Instagram


Spanning across both the islands of St John’s and Pulau Tekukor, the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park stretches across 40 hectares of space for educational, conservational and research-related purposes for our marine life and habitats.

Join NParks’ guided walks for an introduction on the islands and all the marine life and biodiversity that reside there. You might even get the chance to spot giant turtles on the island while on a walk! Don’t miss out on the chance to observe these magnificent creatures.

Little Guilin

Photo Credit: Instagram


This charming nature park is located within Bukit Batok, the perfect location for getting away from the stress of life for a little while. Its name derives from its resemblance to rock formations in Guilin, China.

The park is comprised of a tranquil lake set with twin domed shaped shelters to provide visitors with a stunning view of the rock cliffs that sit within the freshwater body. Stroll along the granite steps and immerse yourself in the serenity of nature here.

Bukit Batok East Ave 5
Singapore 650242
Daily: Open 24 Hours

Tudor Court

Photo Credit: Visit Singapore


A standing example of Singapore’s colonial era, Tudor Court is made up of a number of houses that have white walls that are framed by dark wood. Built in the 1920s as quarters for civil servants, Tudor Court is now known as a shopping gallery on Tanglin Road.

Explore the shops here and let your mind wander off to the streets of Europe. Despite its close location to the shopping paradise that is Orchard Road, Tudor Court stands out for its European-styled architecture that instantly transports visitors to the culturally-rich continent.

131 Tanglin Rd
Singapore 247924
Nearest Station: Orchard