Waa Cow! – Damn Good & Value-For-Money Flame-Torched Wagyu Donburi In Singapore

Waa Cow Group Shot

Few things in life are as mind-blowing as Wagyu beef. Better yet, thick juicy slices of perfectly seared, smoky and tender Wagyu on a bed of sauced up Japanese rice, a healthy amount of pickles and an onsen egg for good measure—yes, we’re talking about Wagyu donburi.

Beef bowls are a mainstay at many Japanese restaurants, but what goes into a bowl and how every component is treated varies across the board. We particularly enjoyed the version at Waa Cow! due to its simplicity and its emphasis on flame-torching their Wagyu prior to plating.

If you’re ever planning on indulging on something as rich and luxurious as a Wagyu bowl, we urge you not to waste your calories (and money), head on down to Waa Cow! for one heck of a memorable meal.

Waa Cow! Mentaiko Beef Bowl

You can’t go wrong with their Mentaiko Wagyu Beef Bowl (S$21.90) that comprises a bed of Akitakomachi rice that is topped with 24-hour sous vide Wagyu beef smeared with creamy mentaiko and a tender onsen egg.

Every component was spot on from the beef right down to the pickles served at the side. To say the least, this was easily one of the best beef bowls we’ve ever had.

Waa Cow! Rice Bowls

At its price, the Yuzu Foie Gras Wagyu Beef Bowl (S$25.90) is a far better bargain than many that we have tried before that either cost more than double the price or just tasted underwhelming overall.

Waa Cow! Foie Gras Wagyu Rice Bowl

Comfortably nestled atop a bowl of fluffy Japanese rice sits a generous layer of charred, smoky slices of succulent beef, a sizeable portion of foie gras and of course, the obligatory runny onsen egg to bind it all together and to give it an additional layer of richness. The light sprinkling of yuzu peel over the foie gras does well to provide a citrusy appeal and nicely cuts through the intense fattiness.

Waa Cow! Mentaiko Salmon Bowl

Seafood lovers are sure to enjoy the Mentaiko Salmon Don (S$18.90), a delicious plate made with sashimi-grade salmon that is cooked medium-rare and topped with mentaiko, shoyu and a heaping mound of tobiko (flying fish roe).

Waa Cow!
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Tel: +65 9851 1552
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