Colbar – An Old-School Kopitiam From The 1950s That Is Untouched By Time


Offering a full-on menu of both Asian and Western fare, Colbar is one of the few gems in Singapore that we can safely say, has truly stood the test of time. Opened in 1953, the establishment formerly served as a canteen for the British army. It, therefore, gave rise to its name, Colbar, otherwise referred to as ‘Colonial Bar’.

Colbar Collage

Granted that it’s a little out of the way, especially for those who do not drive, it is still a charming spot that’s worth the trip. It is a retreat from civilisation and it is also a great place to catch a glimpse of the old days.

This rustic hideout is furnished with retro interiors like Formica tabletops and old photographs, which bring an air of nostalgia that sets you back in time. Whether you’re pining for a beer, some food or a place to chill, Colbar is one that’ll guarantee you a relaxed and tranquil experience.
Colbar Menu

Well-versed in the culinary art of Western cooking, the cooks here are able to whip up a wide array of both Western and Asian delights.

Colbar Craft Beer

In addition to their stellar grub, they also carry a vast selection of English craft beers. From sweet ciders to bitter IPAs, they have it all.

Colbar Roasted Chicken

Their Roasted Chicken Chips & Mushroom came with a piece of chicken leg and a small portion of potato wedges and mushrooms. Despite the small portion, the chicken was well roasted—super crispy on the outside and firm but not too dry on the inside.

The mushrooms were coated in savoury gravy, which complimented the chicken.

Colbar Pork Cutlet

Next came the Pork Cutlet Chips & Mushroom which was equally good as well.

The meat was succulent and well coated in panko breadcrumbs, that did well to give the pork an incredible crunch as well as help to lock in moisture. The pork itself boasted a subtle yet pleasant note of rosemary and thyme which we thought worked brilliantly.


The dish that we enjoyed the most was definitely the Cheese Omelette & Chips. This classic dish was simple yet so ‘egg-cellent’.

The egg was really soft and fluffy and the warm melted cheese inside just oozes out with a slight cut. The portion and wonderful taste of the omelette definitely made up for the price.

Colbar Dry Ho Fun

Last on our table was the Dry Ho Fun, which we felt was nothing special. Just like a plate of fried kway tiao, it was filled with basic ingredients like small prawns, fish cakes and bean sprouts.

We liked that they added a good portion of fried shallots on top that added a crunch to the dish. However, the dish was simply too greasy to finish.

Colbar Exterior 2

Colbar Exterior

9A Whitchurch Road
Singapore 138839
Tues to Sun: 9.30am – 10pm
(Closed on Mondays)
Nearest Station: One North