Uya – New Unagi Restaurant At Wheelock Place For Japanese Griled Eel


Just a mere mention of grilled unagi (freshwater eels) and most minds would naturally gravitate towards the colossally popular, Michelin Bib Gourmand winner, Man Man Unagi Japanese Restaurant. But that is soon to change especially with the opening of Uya at Wheelock Place.

Striving to keep prices affordable and the quality of their food as true to Japanese traditional unagi cuisine as possible, all of Uya’s eels are meticulously selected to ensure the ideal quality that best matches their house-made tare (sauce) and fresh shipments from both Taiwan and Japan are flown in weekly.

Smoky, sticky and grilled to utmost perfection, grilled unagi is a hard dish to dislike, and we are all extremely stoked to try Uya’s prized dish to see if this new Unagi restaurant truly walks the talk and can prove itself to be a worthy competitor to it’s Michelin Bib Gourmand-winning counterpart.

Uya Interior

Uya was set up in partnership with the fourth-generation owner of an eel wholesaler in Japan and is set to make waves in Singapore. The restaurant is helmed by a Japanese head chef that boasts more than a decade’s worth of experience cooking in unagi restaurants in Nagoya.

Uya Grilled Unagi

The excellent quality of their unagi is evident from the creamy and delicate flesh and as such, the fish is given the respect it deserves, that is, a simple application of their tare and masterfully grilled over a charcoal grill.

Their tare is made using a sauce base that carries with it, a family secret that has been passed down from over 4 generations.

Uya Unagi Don

There are a few ways the chefs at Uya prepare their unagi. You can opt to experience their unagi in the form of the traditional Hitsumabushi that comprises chopped up unagi eaten 4 ways or the Healthy Unadon that comprises chopped up unagi, assorted vegetables, pickles and sous vide egg.

Once you decide on your order, the live eels undergo cutting, skewering, an initial grilling process without sauce known as shirayaki and a final grilling known as kabayaki where the sauce is applied.

501 Orchard Road, #02-15/16
Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880
Tel: +65 6732 1096
Sun to Thu: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm – 9.30pm
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10pm
Nearest Station: Orchard

*All photos are credited to Uya Singapore.