Harvest – New Salad & Protein Bowl Bar Along East Coast Road

Harvest Group Shot

Harvest is the new kid on the block along East Coast Road, located right opposite i12 Katong. This homely salad and protein bowl bar features an extensive range of fresh ingredients of which you can pick to customise your very own healthy bowl.

Every portion of either the salad or protein bowl comes with one base, one sous vide-cooked protein, three sides, one topping and one dressing. Should you require something refreshing to wash down your food with or simply to cool you down, they also carry a pretty impressive variety of bottled cold-pressed juices.

What is impressive is that they adopt the French cooking technique of sous vide in cooking their proteins—a practice not commonly found in your average cafe. For all you health nuts living on the East side in need of a quick and healthy fix, Harvest is one spot that you should definitely pay a visit to.

Harvest Interior Collage

Decked out in white walls, minimal decor and lots of plants and wooden furniture, this humble eatery gives off a rustic, almost tropical-like ambience.

Harvest Menu

The way things work here is pretty straightforward. Simply grab an order sheet and fill in your order that consists of one base, one sous vide-cooked protein, three sides, one topping and one dressing, and submit it at the counter.

Harvest Sous Vide

What truly impressed us was their use of sous vide to cook their proteins which is not something you would typically expect to find in a cafe.

It takes the hassle and stress away from traditional cooking methods by utilising precise temperature control to deliver even and consistent cooking, ensuring that the final product is always cooked to the right doneness. After which, the dish is completed by either searing or in this case, flame torching for that extra hit of flavour.

Harvest Dory Protein Bowl 2

Each bowl starts off at S$12 but you will have to top up for premium items such as steak, salmon or avocado.

Our first protein bowl came with Japanese brown rice as its base. For our choice of protein, we went for the dory fillet along with shaved parmesan, marinated cherry tomatoes and an onsen egg  (+S$1) as our sides. Finally, we topped it with bonito flakes and a garlic soy dressing.

The dory was soft and flavourful, and the brown rice was given an extra flavour boost thanks to the parmesan cheese and the runny yolk of the onsen egg. Separately, the ingredients may not have worked but the garlic soy dressing really did well to bring the entire dish together.

Harvest Chicken Protein Bowl

The second bowl we got started off with a bed of mixed baby spinach and rocket (+S$1) and a marinated chicken breast as our protein of choice. Our sides comprised broccoli, roasted pumpkin and shimeiji mushrooms which were beautifully topped with furikake and a sesame wafu dressing.

Despite being cooked sous vide, the chicken itself was rather dry. The other vegetable items were decent but special mention has to be made about the roasted pumpkin. Roasted till soft, the pumpkin was incredibly sweet and delicious.

81 East Coast Rd,
Singapore 428785
Tel: +65 8715 1625
Daily: 11.30am – 9.30pm
Nearest Station: Eunos