Hylin – Amazing Neighbourhood Cafe in Perth With Good Coffee & Even Better Brunch


Hylin is hands-down our favourite cafe in Perth.

It may be a bit off the grid, but this neighbourhood cafe in West Leederville is totally worth travelling for. Its modern architecture and decor make the cafe a very cosy space to retreat to for breakfast. And we really liked the tables by the windows; perfect for a relaxing brunch session in Summer.

Great coffee, even better food… here’s everything we love about Hylin in Perth.

Hylin Cafe

Let’s just start off by saying Hylin is very photogenic. Every part of the cafe is Instagram-worthy, and you will see why.

Hylin Cafe Perth

They may not have the luxury of space, but the corner unit is designed to feel like home. You’ve got your open concept coffee bar, island seats, tables by the windows (our favourite!), as well as some tables in the outdoors—ideal if you have pets with you.

Sunlight streams in to fill the space in summer, and the cool breeze caresses while you sip your coffee.

Hylin Menu

Its menu is well put-together, with a great variety of brunch items, bagels, smoothies and juices, and lots of coffee options.

Hylin Brunch

Our breakfast was unforgettable. The Grilled Chorizo, Fried Egg & Creamed Corn (A$17.50) is a combination of rich flavours beautifully contrasting each other in one single dish. Our only gripe? The chorizo was slightly dry and overcooked, but we smoothed that out with the chipotle sauce that was served on the side.

And then there was the Chilli Cheese Scram with Jamon and Truffled Mushrooms. This is no ordinary egg dish. The scrambled eggs were milky and runny, and the addition of chilli cheese elevated its creaminess.

Gluten-free options are available with a nominal top-up.

Hylin Coffee

Hylin also offers a comprehensive selection of coffee. You’ve got your usual blacks and whites (A$3 to A$4.20), cold brew coffee (A$4.50), filter coffee of single origin (A$3.50), chai latte (A$4.50)…

Not a coffee person? Sure, Hylin will have you covered with its Cheer range—juices, smoothies and bottled drinks that range from A$3 to A$9.50.

178 Railway Parade, West Leederville WA 6007, Australia
Mon to Sat: 6.30am – 3pm
Tel: +61 401 815 804