UberEATS Launches In Tokyo – Over 150 Restaurants To Pick From & ¥500 Opening Promotion


UberEATS has finally launched in Tokyo, Japan! We were invited to the launch of the app in Tokyo and had a full experience of UberEATS, from tap to table.

While UberEATS has been around in Singapore for awhile, this launch in Japan is the 8th country and 34th city added to their fast-growing and extensive list.

Their mission is simple – to make eating well effortless at anytime for anyone. The efficiency of tapping on your smart device and having a meal or snack delivered right to your doorstep is our idea of convenience. In Tokyo, 150 restaurant partners have partnered up with UberEATS for this launch and there will definitely be gradual expansion in time to come.

Launched on 29 September 2016, UberEATS has already been a hit with the local crowd. Tokyo is a unique city as it has a strong dining culture. UberEATS in Tokyo is so diverse because you can get anything from a simple Acai Bowl to a full on restaurant-quality meal from Michelin-starred restaurants such as SOUGO.


It was definitely a challenge to bring UberEATS to such a bustling city but the team managed to pull it off. Tokyo itself has an impressive 226 Michelin stars, way more than Paris’ 94.

And yes, you can have food from Michelin-starred restaurants delivered to your home too!

Uber Press Conference

The city of Tokyo is very fast-paced and people sometimes do not have the luxury of time to leave their workplace to grab food. With UberEATS, all they need is a smart device and the app and they could tap their meal of choice and have it delivered right to wherever they are.

UberEats App

The app is extremely easy to use. The wait is generally short, at an average of about 20 to 30 minutes, and our quickest delivery arrived 8 minutes.

UberEATS Delivery

We also liked that every meal is so intricately prepared and planned—from the initial preparation, right down to the quality, temperature control and even the packaging to ensure that the food gets to you in tip top condition.

UberEats Food

From now until 29 October 2016, UberEATS will be offering One Coin Meals at ¥500 to kickstart the app for anyone and everyone to try.

Think gourmet burgers, ramen and even healthy grain and salad bowls delivered right to you with no extra costs. Yes, the delivery fee is waived.

Sougo Food

Even SOUGO, helmed by two michelin-starred chef Daisuke Nomura, has come onboard to offer an extremely value-for-money meal set for just ¥500 as part of this campaign. We need not tell you how awesome this deal is, right?

Uber Japan

L to R: Masami Takahashi – President of Uber Japan; and Simon Rossi – Regional General Manager of UberEATS APAC

How to order via UberEATS:
1. Download the app via the App Store or Google Play.
2. Select your location on the app.
3. Pick your desired meal or food item.
4. Check out with a simple tap.
5. Track your food as it gets to you.

One Coin (¥500) Campaign
For the month of October, UberEATS Japan will be offering ¥500 meals from several different restaurants to provide anyone the opportunity to try the app out and get a seriously good meal at an affordable price.

Visit www.ubereats.com for more details.

This trip to Tokyo is made possible by UberEATS.