Sushi Zanmai – Value-For-Money Sushi Restaurant At Tsukiji Fish Market

Sushi Zanmai Uni

As you take a stroll down Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, you will be greeted with a plethora of snack stations, eateries and coveted sushi restaurants. There are a number of big names here, one to look out for is Sushi Zanmai—a popular choice among both locals and tourists.

Despite being a sushi chain, Sushi Zanmai is still commendable. The ingredients are extremely fresh and each sushi is intricately made by the team of expert sushi chefs behind the sushi counter. You can even catch the chefs in action up close if you manage to snag a sushi counter seat.

Sushi Zanmai’s sushi platters are well loved because they are considerably inexpensive for the amount and quality. Our tummies were certainly satisfied after gobbling them up. Here is why you need to visit Sushi Zanmai.

Sushi Zanmai Sushi Platter

From 7am to 4pm daily (Sushi Zanmai operates 24 hours), Sushi Zanmai offers special sushi platters and sushi bowls that you can enjoy from ¥1,500 onwards. It is extremely affordable, especially when you get at least 10 pieces of sushi.

We had the Assorted Deluxe 10 Best Nigiri Sushi Set (¥2,000) and there were ikura, uni, unagi, fresh shrimp and so much more. Every set comes with a bowl of miso soup.

Adding on to our sushi adventures, we went right for the most luxurious platter, the Sushi Zanmai Deluxe 13 Piece Set (¥3,000). The assorted sliced fish were magnificent and you get a palm-length unagi. More premium goodness includes uni, chuturo, tamago, hotate, and ebi.

Sushi Zanmai Chef

Sushi Zanmai is a wonderful representation of the variety you can find in Tsukiji Market, and we like how it is not overly crowded nor packed with over-enthusiastic diners. We will definitely return again for all the fresh goodness!

Sushi Zanmai
3-11-9 Tsukiji | Tsukiji Square bldg1F
Chuo 104-0045, Tokyo Prefecture
Tel: +81 3-3524-9833
Daily: 24 Hours

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