Ciao! Tea – Instagram-Worthy Fruit Juices In Pantone Colours Now At Westgate

Ciao! Tea

Sometimes all we need is a cup of ice cold drink to cool us down, especially with Singapore’s humidity. Ciao! Tea is a newly opened shop at Westgate that specialises in fresh fruit juice, tea drinks with fresh fruits and Hong Kong Milk Tea.

And best of all, Ciao! Tea’s Pantone-coloured juices are made with real fruits – they are completely natural and not made with artificial ingredients.

Coconut Special

We were absolutely floored by the enticing cups of Pantone-coloured fruit juice which appears to be in a gradient of two different colours. The signature Coconut’s Special will definitely get the ladies’ attention, for the pretty drink is a mixture of pink and white colours with red dragon fruit. Another drink comes in bright orange and pink colours!

Not only are the drinks healthy, they look totally picture-perfect for your Instagram feed too!

Red Dragon Fruit with Orange Juice

All the fruit beverages in Ciao! Tea are made with real fruits. Order an orange tea and you get an entire orange blended into your drink. The same goes for the apple tea, where the staff at Ciao! Tea will put in one whole apple into your drink.

Other items on Ciao! Tea’s menu include classic items such as the Ice Lemon Tea and Fruit Tea; yoghurt drinks that come with all kinds of fresh fruits; and the award-winning authentic Hong Kong Milk Tea. Ciao! Tea will remind you of your love for the popular Hong Kong-style beverage.

This is one drinks stall in Westgate we will frequent. See you there!

Ciao! Tea
3 Gateway Dr
#02-K3 Westgate
Singapore 608532
Nearest Station: Jurong East

This post is brought to you by Ciao! Tea.