Tsuta Ramen – The First Michelin-Starred Ramen Stall From Tokyo Is Coming To Singapore

Tsuta Ramen

Photo Credit: Drama Fever

Tsuta Ramen started out as a humble 9-seater ramen shop in Tokyo, and serves only 150 bowls daily. And they earned themselves a Michelin star last December, making it the first ramen stall to receive the coveted award.

But now, you do not need to make a trip all the way to Japan just to have a taste of this famed ramen, for they are opening a stall right here in sunny Singapore come October 2016. We can foresee snaking lines and instant popularity for Tsuta Ramen.

The quiet little stall in Tokyo sees queues from 6am daily, and we are pretty sure it won’t be any less here in Singapore.

Founded by Chef Yuki Onishi, Tsuta Ramen’s signature firm noodles are made with four types of whole wheat flour. The base of the soy broth is made with three types of shoyu: shoyu soba; shio soba; and miso.

One of the signature dishes from Tsuta Ramen is their Yakibuta Shoyu Soba, which incorporates soy sauce and a mix of seafood and chicken broth. It is then topped with classic slices of chashu pork and bamboo shoots. There are other various shoyu and shio varieties on the menu as well.

It is said that the chefs who will helm the Singapore outlet will be using the same special soy sauce and premium ingredients that its Japanese counterpart uses, hence upholding the high standards.

Tsuta Ramen is also said to be the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant you can dine in. In Japan, a bowl of their ramen goes for ¥1,100; that’s approximately S$14. And we are hoping it won’t be crazily marked up here.

Tsuta Ramen will sit on the first level of Pacific Plaza.

Tsuta Ramen Singapore
Pacific Plaza L1
Singapore 228210
Nearest Station: Orchard