11 Items You Must Try From Marks & Spencer Singapore’s New Chilled Food Section

Marks & Spencer Singapore

We were more than thrilled when we found out that Marks & Spencer Singapore has brought in its range of chilled food products. Now let’s get one thing clear – it is not just any other “supermarket”; Marks & Spencer Food Hall is the ultimate heaven for some serious grocery shopping.

The walk through the artisanal grocer brought back fond memories of our times in London, when we would depend on Marks & Spencer Food Hall for our daily necessities – fresh fruits, wines, English shortbread, pastas and ready-to-eat foods…

Marks & Spencer Chillfed Food

With 600 new chilled food products – including soups, salads, cheeses, dips, fruits and vegetables - Marks & Spencer Food Hall is a destination and it has redefined grocery shopping in Singapore. The debut of its chilled food at Wheelock outlet’s Food Hall will be the only store outside of Hong Kong to offer this mega range of products.

Here are 11 Items You Must Try from Marks & Spencer Singapore’s Chilled Food range. Of course, there are way more than 10 things to love, but these alone will leave you very impressed.

Marks & Spencer Pasta Salad


There are several pasta salads in convenient take-out bowls, and they do not require reheating. Eat them cold straight from the box; this convenience is precisely what we appreciate most.

Our favourite flavour, and one that we always eat upon touching down in London, is the King Prawn with Tomato and Basil.

Marks & Spencer Risotto


This risotto is surprisingly delicious. The packaging looked like nothing but as the saying goes, you should never judge a book by its cover.

Indeed. The Creamy King Prawn Risotto with cherry tomatoes and roasted red peppers is one of the best take-out items in Marks & Spencer Food Hall. The portion is also bigger than the regular pasta salads.

Marks & Spencer Tortilla Chips


The range of chips will leave you mind-boggled. Yea, it is hard to decide on just one packet; we feel you. Trust us when we said we spent a good three minutes before deciding to pick up a bag of tortillas.

Boy, were they amazing! The fine balance of saltiness and fieriness had us lingering for more.


We are not even kidding when we said this Beetroot & Mint Dip was life-changing. These convenient tubs of dips are freshly prepared and flown in from the U.K.. Why eat chips plain when you can dip them into healthy dips?

While there are other interesting dips such as Aioli and Chives & Cheese, the Beetroot & Mint Dip stands out for its refreshing taste. Best eaten with plain tortillas to enjoy its full flavour.


Avocados all day, every day. That’s just about right. No one says no to a good guacamole, and the one at Marks & Spencer is very chunky, to say the least.

There is nothing more gratifying than dipping your tortillas into a bowl of fresh guacamole with generous chunks of the green fruit. The salsa completes the guacamole with a hint of tanginess.

Marks & Spencer Soup


The soups section is comprehensive, with flavours for different palates. When in London, these saved our lives on lazy nights when we needed food at ungodly hours.

Each tub is approximately two servings, and all you have to do is to simply reheat it and it is ready for consumption. The Chestnut Mushroom boasts an earthy body that is comfort for the soul. Otherwise, try the Chunky Vegetables for something more Mediterranean.

Marks & Spencer Fruit Juice


Not your ordinary fruit juices. We dare say Marks & Spencer has the best range of fruit juices in Singapore – pick from pure orange juice and a series of pressed fruit juices, smoothies and green juices.

We like how it is indicated on every bottle the number of our daily fruit intakes the juice contains. And because they are all made with fresh fruits, the juices have short shelf lives but just as well.

Marks & Spencer Cheese


Up for a good cheese platter? You can easily assemble one with the wide range of cheeses. There is something inexplicably therapeutic about shopping for cheeses at Marks & Spencer Food Hall.

Looking for some cheese slices to make subs and sandwiches? The Sliced Mild Continental Leerdammer is one option. They come conveniently sliced, and melt easily, producing a mild salty fragrance.

Cheddar, Brie, mozzarella, feta… you name it, they probably have it. From our cheese platter, you would see the glorious orangey-red cubes of cheddar and that is the Red Leicester – one cheese from Marks & Spencer that you must try.

Water crackers are also available in the same section should you want some crunch along with your cheeses.

Marks & Spencer Yoghurt


Yoghurts are common, but not this Greek Yoghurt With Honey. We certainly are not exaggerating when we say it is the best Greek yoghurt we have ever tried.

Unlike usual Greek yoghurts that might reek of a milk stench, this tub is creamy and slightly sweet with hints of honey. Best eaten with banana or strawberry slices.

Marks & Spencer Sticky Date Pudding


You probably weren’t expecting this but the Sticky Toffee Puddings are actually pretty mean!

Butter sponge with chopped dates, drenched in a sticky toffee sauce; this sweet treat is under the frozen desserts section, and it is good to eat after a simple round of reheating.

Marks & Spencer Profiterole


Another dessert that is super popular in the U.K. is the Profiterole Stack. This is one great party addition that is both convenient and photogenic. Enjoy these creamy puffs covered in chocolate sauce that are good to eat without any further freezing nor reheating.

This post is brought to you by Marks & Spencer Singapore.