The Pound Singapore – Dutch Iced Coffee Shop With Roll Cakes

the pound jln sultan

The Pound is a specialty Dutch iced coffee shop located on the first floor of Sultan Plaza. The unassuming one-month-old establishment is not your typical pretentious hipster-looking cafe, but a small bistro with a very strong focus on cold drip coffees and cake rolls.

Cold Brew Coffees are all the rage right now and we are thrilled to see a new bistro committing to serve premium Dutch Iced Coffees.

These caffeinated beverages are actually far from a passing trend; Dutch Iced Coffees have been around since before our time and have made a successful comeback over the past years in a series of renditions across cafes in Singapore.

the pound sultan plaza

Run by a Korean family, The Pound is go-to place for a kick ass cold brew fix (from S$4). Their limited but splendid selection of cakes are handcrafted from scratch and holy moly, they are amazingly scrumptious!

Fortunately, these dainty sweet treats are affordably priced and range from S$3 for a homemade blueberry muffin to S$4.50 for a fresh banana cake roll.


From single origin Ethiopia Limu Agaro Coffee to the smoky Disco Signature Blend, the number of beans and blends here is evidently extensive. If a single portion is not enough, then why not purchase a 300ml or 500ml bottle of Dutch Iced Coffee at S$15 and S$24 respectively.

While no main courses are served at The Pound, we would still highly recommend you save some stomach space for their heavenly Strawberry Roll Cake (S$4.50). The airy vanilla sponge cake roll is stuffed with fresh light whipped cream and a plump bright red juicy strawberry.

The Pound
100 Jalan Sultan
#01-17B Sultan Plaza
Singapore 199001
Closed on Sundays
Mon to Sat: 9am – 6.30pm
Nearest MRT Stations: Nicholl Highway / Lavender