Mooncake Singapore 2016 – 10 Places To Get Mooncakes For Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncake Guide 2016

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is commemorated widely across Asian countries as it is an important time when families and friends come together for reunion. Falling on the 15th of the eighth lunar month, it is often celebrated at night when there is a full bright moon. A symbolic tradition that is not to be missed out during this festival is the sharing of mooncakes over a pot of tea.

The Chinese believe that the roundness of the mooncakes represent togetherness and completeness, which are highly valued in their culture. The exchange of mooncakes with family, friends and professional relations therefore signifies unity and is used as a way of expressing well wishes for a better life.

Traditional mooncake pastries are round with fillings in it such as egg yolk, lotus seed paste and nuts. With the evolution of time, modern creations such as snowskin mooncakes contain the most interesting flavours like matcha and earl grey.

Do not fret if you are still unable to decide on where to get your mooncakes. From traditional to contemporary mooncakes, we got you covered in with these Places in Singapore to Get Your Mooncakes In Time For Mid-Autumn Festival 2016.


Emicakes Mooncake


Emicakes is renown for their durian pastries, and the mooncakes are no exception. This year, their durian mooncakes come in two versions – the green ones which are made up of Mao Shan Wang durian that is sweet and buttery; and the yellow ones D24 durians, which is prized for its strong bittersweet taste.

Families are sure to love this sweet treat, simply because it is a pure and decadent durian treat in the form of snowskin mooncakes.

Emicakes Snowskin Mooncake

The Mao Shan Wang mooncakes come in a box of 2 large pieces at S$48 or 5 minis at S$46, while the D24 mooncakes come in a box of 2 large pieces at S$38 or 5 minis at S$36.

From now till 21 Aug 2016, enjoy 35% off when you do a self-collection or in-store order. Subsequent orders from 22-31 Aug are at 25% off. If you are opting for delivery, a 30% promotion is applicable from now till 21 Aug 2016, and subsequent delivery orders are at 20% off.

Place your orders online at or call the retail hotline +65 6749 6782.

Imperial Treasure White Lotus Paste Mooncake


Everyone should be familiar with Imperial Treasure. The Singapore household name is one we can rely on for find Chinese cuisine, and this Mid-autumn Festival, they are set to impress with Autumn Allures.

The series of Imperial Treasure signature mooncakes are artisanally handmade, with classic silky smooth lotus seed paste produced with imported from Hong Kong. Nothing overly fancy; just premium quality featuring pure and delicate lotus paste mooncakes.

Popular combinations include the ones with white lotus paste, and come in a variation of four, double, single or no golden yolks. These mooncakes come in a matte gold box with lacquer finish, and prices start from S$56 for a box of 4 pieces. Our families loved it and so will yours!

Imperial Treasure Teochew Yam Pastry

A refreshing alternative is this Teochew Single Yolk Yam Pastry – feathery puffs enveloping a creamy, taro puree and a single salted egg yolk. These are S$52 for a box of 4 pieces.

You can enjoy a 15% discount off all mooncakes from 01 Aug to 15 Sep when you make your purchase via

TungLok Mooncakes


Whether you are looking to buy mooncakes for family, friends or associates, TungLok Group has a range of mooncakes in different packagings. But this year in particular, they are breaking away from traditions and has introduced very modern packaging that are no less presentable.

TungLok Bite-sized Mooncakes

We are fans of TungLok’s Bite-sized Mooncakes (S$54) all these years because they are easy to eat (best for house parties!) and you won’t feel too guilty after having them. This year, TungLok has introduced two new bite-sized mooncake flavours – Red Bean with Almond, and Black and White Sesame Lotus.

TungLok’s Perfect Duo (S$62), with its double yolk white lotus and double yolk red lotus, is a timeless classic that will please the traditional folks. And there’s the mini snowskin collection which includes Jackfruit with Pomelo, Honey Mixed Nuts, and Durian with Chestnut.

TungLok Autumn Blossoms Mooncakes

Options are aplenty for sure, and TungLok mooncakes are available at all TungLok restaurants from 01 Aug to 15 Sep 2016. For enquiries and more information, you can call +65 9088 8008 or visit

Xin Cuisine Baked Mooncake


For Mid-Autumn Festival 2016, Xin Cuisine is launching three new mooncakes – Assorted Nuts with French Raisins, Black Sesame Lotus Seed Paste with Strawberry Praline Snowskin Mooncake and Passion Fruit Paste with Plum Snowskin Mooncake. We love how they are like desserts, yet not cloyingly sweet. Definitely great for both young and old!

The classic flavours stay because those will never go wrong, and they include the signature Mini Egg Custard with Egg Yolk Mooncake and Teochew Yam Paste with Single Yolk (S$68 for a box of 4).

Fans of Xin Cuisine’s mooncakes will be familiar with its Peranakan Durian Snowskin Mooncake which are available in a box of 4 large pieces (S$68) or 6 mini pieces (S$56).

Xin Cuisine Snowskin Mooncake

For readers of ladyironchef, Xin Cuisine is offering a very generous 30% off baked and snowskin mooncakes (except Premium Collection). This promotion is valid for collection by 12 Sep 2016.

To enjoy the discount, go to and use the promo code: “LADYIRONCHEF30″. The mooncakes are also available at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium’s lobby, as well as eight locations islandwide.


Grand Hyatt Singapore Mid Autumn Mooncake Box  - Snowskin


Our all-time favourite snowskin mooncakes are from Grand Hyatt Singapore. Every Mid-Autumn Festival, we would look forward to Grand Hyatt Singapore’s Snowskin Mooncakes (S$69 nett). The handmade mooncakes with a modern twist are presented in a square box with a Mother of Pearl texture with accents of rose gold, and they sure make great gifts.

The intriguing flavours include Strawberry, Lime Tequila Truffle; Caramel Macchiato Truffle; Matcha, Azuki Bean, Sake Truffle; Lychee Martini Truffle, and our favourite Champagne Truffle.

If you prefer the traditional baked mooncakes (S$69 nett), Grand Hyatt Singapore also has a range of double yolk and seeds-only option. The flavours for the traditional baked ones are slightly different from the ubiquitous choices; think red lotus double yolk with roasted melon seeds, white lotus double yolk with roasted melon seeds, and black sesame lotus double yolk with bamboo ash.

Grand Hyatt Matcha Truffle Snowskin

For purchases from now till 15 September 2016, you can enjoy an early bird discount of 15% off when you pay with selected credit cards.

Order your mooncakes online at or call the retail hotline +65 6887 5492.

Ritz Carlton Mini Snowskin


The snowskin mooncakes from The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore come in an elegant blue box this year; so pretty, they are befitting of your most esteemed clients and business associates.

Sure, the choices out there are aplenty, but what makes The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore’s snowskin mooncakes so unique is the martini-based flavours.

Without being overly potent, the Assorted Mini Snowskin Martini mooncakes come in four flavours – Lycheetini, Berrytini, Coffeetini and Appletini. There are truffles encased in the middle of every mooncake, and they come with snow skin that is so light and easy to chew.

Other snowskin mooncakes that are non-alcohol based include flavours such as the Green Tea, Mini White Lotus Seed Paste with Black Sesame and White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk.

Ritz Carlton Mini Lava Custard

The mooncakes can be purchased online at, and online purchases from now till 12 Sept 2016 is entitled to a 15% discount. You can also order via +65 6434 5286 or email to

Singapore Marriott Hotel Mooncake


Wan Hao at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is one of the most popular choice for mooncakes every year, and its festive bakes are often gifted to corporate clients as a gesture of appreciation.

This year, the mooncakes come in a red two-tier treasure chest hot-stamped with oriental trellis motif. Wan Hao’s signature mooncakes are low in sugar, and the signature is a White Lotus Seed Paste with Chicken Bak-kwah & Assorted Nuts Baked Mooncake. It comes in a mysterious charcoal shade, and when bit into, the salty-sweet combination is one-of-a-kind. The bak kwa bits are generous; we reckon this is one great surprise for your clients!

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Mooncake

But of course, there are the perennial favourites if you want to stick to something traditional for your business partners. There are White Lotus Seed Paste ones with single and double yolk, or with Pine Nuts and Macadamia Nuts.

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s mooncakes are available at the hotel’s Forecourt Stall, or you can order via or call +65 6831 4708.


Hilton Singapore - Snowskin Mooncakes


Now, we are always up for unconventional flavours when it comes to mooncakes, and Hilton Hotel Singapore stands out this year with very surprising flavours.

Hilton Hotel Singapore introduces Cheesecake as a flavour to their range of mini snowskin mooncakes this year! It sounds a little farfetched but we fell in love with it right after our first bite. Chewy mochi-like skin with dense yet crumbly cheesecake filling, this velvety treat will surely be the talk of your party.

Other snowskin mooncake flavours include Popping Candy, a whimsical bright pink creation filled with white lotus paste and complete with everyone’s favourite popping candy; and Muscat White Grape, a lighter flavour featuring white lotus paste and white grape extract.

Hilton Singapore Mooncakes

Prices start from S$55+ for a box of six mini pieces, and they are available at D9 Cakery (at the hotel lobby). We have a superb offer for the first 50 readers of Ladyironchef – quote “LIC50Hilton” when you  purchase 4 boxes of mooncakes to get a Sunday Brunch voucher for 2 pax (priced at $88++ per person). Orders are to be made via

Laurent Bernard Mooncakes


The French name is renown for their chocolate desserts and finest pastries. When everyone talks about Laurent Bernard Chocolatier, we think of their signature chocolate soufflé that has been a staple in our lives for all these years.

And this Mid-Autumn festival, they are set to impress with, but of course, chocolate mooncakes! The Luxurious Chocolate Mooncake Box will surely bring a fresh experience in celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival.

Laurent Bernard Snowskin Mooncakes

Made with only the best chocolate in the world, there will be eight flavours in the collection, among which are standouts such as Milk Chocolate Earl Grey & Raspberry – milk chocolate creamy ganache infused with a earl grey; and Whisky – a shiny bronze mooncake with a creamy chocolate ganache infused with smoky Whisky and a pearl of caramel.

The chocolate mooncakes are available in limited quantities and they come in a box of 8 assorted flavours, 4 assorted flavours or individual pieces. You can get them from Laurent Bernard’s outlets at Robertson Quay and CBD (16 Collyer Quay #01-06) as well as Takashimaya B2 Atrium. More details on

80 Mohamed Sultan Rd
#01-11 The Pier at Robertson Quay
Singapore 239013
Tel: +65 6235 9007

Meixin Star Wars Custard Mooncake


You might have seen photos of the cutest Star Wars mooncakes all over social media, and they are from Hong Kong’s Mei-Xin. The renown brand doesn’t disappoint with their quality bakes, and they have extremely interesting mooncakes this year – be it novel flavours or creative gifts.

The Star Wars Set (S$58, U.P. S$104) includes 4 pieces of Egg Custard mooncakes (Stormtrooper) and 4 pieces of Chocolate Lava mooncakes (Darth Vader).

Meixin Star Wars Chocolate Mooncakes

Are you a fan of lava-anything? Yes, same here. Hong Kong MX worked with the French Cacao Barry to present this indulgent and decadent ‘Lava Chocolate Mooncake’ – this is the ultimate combination of a dark chocolate mooncake crust with a rich chocolate lava.

Following last year’s popular and sell-out Liu Sha Mooncake, Mei-Xin reintroduces the baked mooncake with lava-custard filling made with crushed golden salted egg yolk. You can purchase the Star Wars mooncakes online here.

Besides the Star Wars mooncakes, Mei-Xin also has its usual range of traditional and snowskin mooncakes and you can find them at the major mooncake kiosks around Singapore. For more details, go to