7 Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning

Ice lemon water

We are all too familiar with the tale of how eight glasses of water a day is important to keep us hydrated. Water is an important component that keeps our digestive system functioning and helps in the transportation of nutrients.

Important as it may be, gulping down eight cups of water may not be the easiest thing to do. And that is why we like to go for lemon water instead!

There has been numerous discussions about the health benefits of lemon water. Apart from quenching thirst, lemons are a great source of vitamin C which is necessary for your body to build up a strong immune system.

Here are Seven Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning.


Citric acid found in lemon juice helps your body with digestion. The acids found in the fruit slows down the absorption of food and that gives your body the time needed to process all the nutrients slowly. In that sense, you get more of the good stuff out of the food that you consume.


Technically this drink does not contain a substance that helps you lose weight, but the good news is that lemon has pectin fibre that keeps you feeling full longer. You can keep sugar level down by choosing lemon water over a high calorie drink – and this simple action is beneficial for your weight loss plan.

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We talked about the importance of vitamin C in building a stronger immune system, but did you know that this same vitamin also plays a large part in having clear, healthy skin? The alkaline characteristic of vitamin C is known to kill bacteria that causes acne outbreak.


Lemon water acts as a way to detoxify your body as it is able to enhance body enzyme functions and stimulate your liver by flushing out toxins that are unwanted, which may otherwise be absorbed by the body.


Warm lemon water is regularly used as a home remedy to reduce the discomfort of bloating. Add freshly squeezed lemon juice into a glass of hot water, stir it well and drink it. Drinking lemon water frequently relieves gas and other issues concerning the intestinal tract.

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We all have days when we wake up feeling all cranky and need a mood booster. Lemon juice contains plenty of negative charged ions and these ions react with positive charged ions in the digestive tract to produce energy and gives you the boost that you need.


For all you fitness enthusiasts out there, it is always advisable to replenish lost fluids after a workout. Studies have shown that lemons are a good source of electrolytes and nutrients. Hence, you should consider replacing your usual energy drink with a more affordable, homemade post-workout beverage consisting of lemon, honey, natural salt and water.

Taking lemon water may not miraculously cure all your body ailments but it is proven to be healthier than most flavoured drinks and adds some zest into an otherwise plain glass of pure water.