Ipoh Hor Fun – The One Dish You Need To Eat When In Ipoh

Ipoh Hor FunPhoto Credit: The Food Canon

If you are only going to eat one thing when in Ipoh, let it be the Ipoh Hor Fun.

A simple Google search will prove that there are many local stalls and restaurants here in Singapore selling their own renditions of Ipoh Hor Fun, but it is safe to say that nothing comes close to the original.

The Chinese population in Ipoh is mostly of Cantonese and Hakka descent, which heavily influences the cuisine and the flavours you will find there. There are many dishes unique to the Malaysian state, but the Ipoh Hor Fun Is The One Dish You Need To Eat When In Ipoh.

A comforting plate of Ipoh Hor Fun is made up of flat rice noodles, prepared originally with the local unfiltered spring water. This allows the noodles to turn out smoother and silkier in texture.

These are then cooked in dark soy sauce-based gravy, then served with shredded chicken, shrimps, spring onion; and finally garnished with red chillies.

The broth incorporated into the rich, thick sauce is made from boiling chicken bones and prawn shells. You can also, however, opt for the drier rendition of the Ipoh delicacy, with the noodles simply mixed with a dash of dark soy sauce and white pepper.

Nga Choi Kai

This Malaysian dish is most often served with an accompanying plate of Ngo Choi Kai, which translates to Bean Sprouts Chicken.

The bean sprouts used are supposedly washed in the same water used for the flat rice noodles in Ipoh Hor Fun; the end result is bouncy and juicy bean sprouts. The dish is completed with lightly salted chicken, and a dash of soya sauce and sesame oil.

It might seem like a simple, underwhelming dish, but it is arguably one of Ipoh’s most iconic dishes – and for good reason.

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