Forget About Korean Fried Chicken – You Must Try KFC’s New Umakara Chicken

KFC Umakara

You guys, it is time to head down to KFC.

We are the biggest fans of KFC since forever, and it is our favourite fast food chain for fried chicken. You might not know, but we have always worshipped Colonel Sanders and are constantly thankful he introduced the world-famous Kentucky Fried Chicken.

It is our idea of comfort food, and it does not fail in lifting our spirits. The Hot & Crispy is a classic, and though we would gladly eat it for life, the all-new Umakara Chicken is gonna distract us for two months.

We had the privilege to taste it before its launch – trust us, it was the best news we’ve received all week because #FanOfKFCForever. And if you are thinking of dismissing this, you are so gonna regret. KFC’s Umakara Chicken is the BEST seasonal flavour yet!



Juicy, fresh chicken marinated in savoury shoyu and Japanese spices, then hand-coated in a spicy and crispy batter, and finished off with a sprinkle of umami spice sprinkle.

Forget Korean fried chicken man; this is the bomb.

Umakara Chicken


KFC introduces seasonal flavours every so often, and we’ve tried pretty much of them. While KFC generally does not disappoint, this Umakara Chicken is hands down the BEST seasonal flavour of all times.

It is more than addictive. After trying it once, we couldn’t get the taste out of our minds and we vow to head down to the nearest outlet again for more during the limited period.

Yes, it is worth sinning for.

Umakara KFC


Can’t make up your mind on whether you prefer your chicken savoury or spicy? You don’t have to make a choice.

Have the best of both worlds, because that is precisely what Umakara is all about! Drawing inspiration from Japan’s love for umami (basically savoury goodness) and for Singaporeans’ love for spicy-everything, Umakara will break the saying of how the grass is always greener on the other side. Come on, you have the whole patch of grass now and it’s all yours to enjoy.

KFC Umakara Chicken


You know how you step into KFC and the whiff of aroma will instantly recharge your soul? No, you don’t really know because you need to smell the Umakara Chicken to fully understand that feeling.

No, really. When the piping hot chicken pieces were served to us, the aroma stopped us and we couldn’t wait a second more to tuck in. The sprinkle of umami spice probably did most of the job here. Sesame seeds are added to the sprinkle, and that adds a subtle fragrance in every bite.

The fragrance lingers even after you’re done with your meal. Don’t believe? Smell your fingers after you’ve washed them.

KFC New Umakara


The new KFC Umakara Chicken comes in a set meal which consists of 2 pieces of Umakara Chicken, 1 regular Whipped Potato, 1 regular Coleslaw and 1 regular SJORA® Mango Peach at S$7.90.

We are usually good with one 2-piece set. But… can we have two sets now please?

Still not enough? You can opt for the Umakara Chicken Box – it includes 2 pieces of Umakara Chicken, 2 pieces of Crispy Tenders, 2 pieces of Shrooms Poppers (golden potato bites stuffed with chopped mushrooms, mixed vegetables, meatloaf and onion), 1 regular Whipped Potato and 1 regular SJORA® Mango Peach at S$9.50.


Only losers snooze. Time stands still for no man and we are definitely not going to miss KFC’s Umakara Chicken for the world.

Only available for a limited period of time, you can head down to KFC from 13 July 2016 to try the Umakara Chicken (while stocks last). Remember – it is the best one yet, and there is no reason this won’t make your day.

This post is brought to you by KFC Singapore.