8 Cancer Causing Foods You Must Avoid


Cancer is the world’s leading cause of death, and most definitely something that everyone abhors.

As much as the term “everything causes cancer” holds true, we love our food, and we hate to scale down our options when it comes to eating – something that we enjoy most in life.

There are products that known to increase the risk of cancer substantially, and these are the ones to avoid or to be consumed with discretion. In our efforts to propel towards a healthier diet, here are 8 Cancer Causing Foods You Must Avoid.


What exactly is “diet” food? Those “diet” or “low-fat” labels that you see on packaging actually do more harm than good to our bodies.

Heavily processed they are in order to be kept fresh and to give an impression that they are healthier options, those “low fat crackers” and whatnot are to be skipped. If you really want to lose them fats, count on fruits, vegetables and a whole lot of exercising instead.


Carbonated drinks. Yes. This is something that is most commonly consumed; but how many of us actually know that it is one of the most lethal and fattening food products around?

Not only is it loaded with sugar, it is also the answer to most of the obesity cases in the world. What’s more? The artificial colouring and food chemicals contained in these soda water will lead to the slow degradation of the body, hence increasing the risks of cancer in the process.



Carnivores, you might want to listen up! As much as we love our meats processed – smoked, cured… – there is also an ugly truth to them.

These processed meat are often ridden with chemicals and excess salt that are completely detrimental to our health. Some are even packed with preservatives to look fresh – essentially the ticket to cancer when consumed excessively.

Osteria Mozza Hanger Steak


We all love red meat, especially our steaks because #steakislyfe.

It is not so much about the cuts and quality, but the chemical content in the red meat itself. Not going in to the scientific explanation, but know that in red meat, there is a chemical called ‘haem’ that will break down in our gut to form another chemical which will damage our bowels. Hence, the frequent consumption of red meat is the first road to bowel cancer.


This is an easy-to-prepare fun snack that most of us love. However, what you might not know is that it is easily one of the most cancer-inducing snacks around.

The microwavable plastic linings and popcorn, when combined with the microwave radiation, is prone to releasing harmful chemicals that can lead to the onset of tumours and it damages the lungs too.


Potato chips is among the most common junk food that contains extremely high sodium levels and trans-fat – which would in turn lead to high blood pressures and obesity, one of the few determinants of cancer.

It might be hard to cut down on them, especially when we watch soccer matches, but for the sake of our good health, we have to say goodbye.

Beer Promo


Sorry to burst your bubbles, guys. This has to go, too. Or at least, greatly reduced.

There are countless of harmful effects that alcohol can bring about when consumed excessively, and one of them also includes the Big C. They are one of the largest leading causes of cancer. Alcohol may spell fun, but it spells danger too. #nakedtruth


First up, there is nothing good about consuming anything that is artificial.

If you are one of those who have been consuming artificial sweeteners in bid to lose some weight, it’s high time you stop. They do not help you lose weight; instead, they lead to the onset of diabetes and cancer.


Sure, this ain’t exactly food, but we need to start with this. Know that Tobacco is the definite cause for cancer, and it has attributed to the most number of deaths caused by cancer in the world.

Smoking may be socially acceptable, but for the sakes of our health, we should think twice about buying that pack of cigarettes. The most common cancer caused by Tobacco is lung, but that is not to say we are safe everywhere else. Tobacco also increases risks for mouth, nose, throat and stomach cancers.