Mini Melts – The Smallest Nitrogen Ice Cream – Has Opened In Singapore

Mini Melt Singapore

Mini Melts has opened in Singapore! We have fond memories of Mini Melts, an ice cream that we grew up eating. Seems that we haven’t had it for like 15 years!

The unique molecular ice cream come in the form of really tiny ice cream balls – colourful and with a distinct texture that is very creamy with every bite. Originating from the U.S., Mini Melts was once in Singapore and it used to be one reward we loved when we fared well in school.

Mini Melts

Now that it has returned to town, we are certainly more excited than anyone else. “Taste it and love it,” the tagline reads. We’ve tasted it, loved it, and missed it. And with Mini Melts returning to Singapore, we are all psyched about “The Ice Cream Dream”!

Mini Melts is all about fun-size ice cream in a rainbow of colours. It is the smallest nitrogen ice cream in the world. Imported from Korea, every grain is made with fresh and natural ingredients that are frozen instantly using liquid nitrogen at -195 degrees. And unlike typical ice cream, Mini Melts’ ice cream does not have any air whipped into it. What you get is beautifully creamy grains that are naturally flavoured.

Sitting on the basement level of Vivo City, Mini Melts has opened its doors with a new iconic cap bowl, which is definitely our pick! With 7 flavours to anticipate, which are Double Chocolate, Rainbow Ice, Cookies & Cream, Cotton Candy, Cheesecake, Strawberry Milk, and Lemon Lime, you would definitely pick the cap bowl so you can enjoy two flavours at a time!

Mini Melt combo cap

The most classic has to be Double Chocolate, which features rich chocolate and vanilla. But what we would do with our combo cap is Cookies & Cream and Rainbow Ice, so that we get a knack for sweeter flavour and also a tropical delight!

Mini Melts Singapore
#B2-K7 VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Harbourfront

This post was brought to you by Mini Melts Singapore.