7 Best Locations For A Take-Out Lunch In Singapore’s CBD – Quiet Time Away From The Crowd

singapore locations takeout lunch

‘Lunch hour’ might just be every executive’s favourite thing to hear – after ‘knock off’, of course!

But as much as you are excited to get out of the office for a breather, we all know that the lunchtime crowd in Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) can be a nightmare. Cafes, hawker centres and restaurants alike are jam-packed with throngs of executives.

Most of you have probably given up on the idea of a peaceful lunch. But having a quiet meal in the CBD is actually possible if you do takeaways and/or bring your own lunch box and do a therapeutic private lunch away from the crowds. Yes, we have some of the best spots rounded up in this post and we are ready to share.

From Ann Siang Hill Park, Telok Ayer Green to The Promontory, here are 7 Best Locations For A Take-Out Lunch in Singapore’s CBD That You Probably Did Not Know About.

ann siang hill park


Ann Siang Hill Park can be accessed from Ann Siang Hill and Ann Siang Road itself. The tranquil park offers an alternative view of the surrounding restored shophouses while enjoying your lunch quietly. Plenty of seats are available too. Note that smoking is strictly prohibited here.

hong lim


Speakers’ Corner at Hong Lim Park is interestingly the only venue in Singapore where “public demonstrations” are allowed (only after you have obtained a police permit). The heritage park is dotted with benches, and it is big enough for everyone to have their own space.

Trash bins are aplenty , so remember to bin your lunch boxes and help to upkeep the cleanliness of this place, as an act of consideration towards other lunch-goers who enjoy coming here for a quick lunch break too. If a trash bin is full, don’t just put your litter on top of or beside it – that’s still littering! Bin it at the next available bin which is just a few steps away.

singapore river


This spot right outside UOB Plaza is a popular one and is no hidden secret by now. A peaceful lunch there whilst enjoying scenic views of the river is a much needed break from all the stress at work.

Ever wondered what Kit Chan was referring to when she sang “river which brings us life” in everyone’s favourite national song ‘Home’? This is it – our Singapore River. While enjoying the river sights at lunch, let’s also remember to do our part and refrain from littering, to preserve the beauty and cleanliness of the place for future generations to come. We would want our children and grandchildren to truly understand what ‘Home’ means when they sing it in years to come. A clean and green Singapore, we will always be.



Located at the corner of Boon Tat Street and Amoy Street is Telok Ayer Green, a little park with rich historical backgrounds of Singapore’s early settlements. To our surprise, most of these public benches are mostly empty during peak hours! Consider this spot for some me-time over takeaway lunches.



Situated just across the iconic Red Dot Museum is Telok Ayer Park, a public space bounded by Cecil Street Maxwell Road and Telok Ayer Street. The mini park’s looming shady trees provide you a temporary respite from the unbearable heat. Grab a friend and dine on the wooden benches or swing seats.

After you are done with your sumptuous lunch, don’t just leave your litter behind. Remember to dispose of them into the litter bins available. Just like how we like to be welcomed by a clean park, we would want to keep it the same way for the next user.

the lawn


The Lawn, located just above Marina Bay Link Mall, is an ultra spacious field sandwiched between the towering skyscrapers of Marina Bay Sands. Gather your colleagues and have a picnic on the field or chill out by the benches.

This is one spot in the Marina area that is ideal for a momentary escape from work. Its spaciousness and abundance of surrounding greenery is akin to an oasis within the concrete jungle. A city respite, we’d like to call it; one that we can escape to every day during lunch hour.

the promontory singapore


Cross the road from The Lawn and you will find yourself at The Promontory. The beautiful area boasts spectacular views of the world-famous Marina Bay Sands and Art Science Museum. It might be deemed as a touristy spot, but we do think it makes a great location for a take-out lunch.

With the cool breeze blowing while you eat, it is not uncommon that a piece of serviette or an empty paper bag may get blown onto the ground. Let’s not turn a blind eye to these ‘flyaway’ litter and remember to pick them up and trash them. After all, think of how tourists come here often, and that we would want to present the best and cleanest side of Singapore to them.

This post was brought to you by National Environment Agency (NEA).